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Give Credit Where It’s Due – But Don’t Assume Too Much
5 Simple Keys to Good Christian Living
Finding Your New Normal – 4 Tips, Simple but Serious
5 Good Books for Ministers
Can We Love Our Problem Nation – Like Jeremiah Did?
How Do You Know? 2 Key Strategies.
Prayer for Everybody. 5 Ways to Make Prayer Doable for You
The Real Agenda – What Is The Good God Actually Up To?
Believe in Jesus Means Respect His Teaching, Moral and Mystical
The Petty God is Bad But Worshiped Everywhere, in All Religions
If We Slander God’s True Graciousness – We Should Apologize
You Can Be Very Serious AND Funny (Frank Laubach)
Spiritual Tune-up. YOUR “HABIT and Cherished Thought.” (Gen J L Chamberlain)
New Year! Suggested Priorities, Maybe a Resolution or Two.
On Christmas – 1. The Work of Christmas 2. Cowboy Prayer 3. War on Christmas BY Christians
8 Happy Facts About Friendship With God – Possible, Necessary, Personal, Love-Based etc.
Face to Face With God – Your Words, Not Borrowed Ones (Frank Laubach)
Inside Out – God’s Love Can Come Out of Our Lives
Thanksgiving is Important! – 4 Links with Short Quotes.
Thanksgiving is a Very Good Spiritual Exercise. 3 Ways to Practice!

Do Not Be Upset. Do Not Be Afraid. Even If Everything is Changing. (Teresa of Avila)
God Comes To Us in Costly Grace – Crucial Fact 3 of 4
Buddy the Dog, and the Love of God for Us Humans
There’s Beauty All Around – Crucial Fact 1 of 4
4 Basic Facts for Understanding Life – Beauty, Damage, Costly Grace, Kingdom of God
We Need LITTLE Answers to Prayer – they Might be BIG, or Might Not.
Do Not Be Afraid! 3 Bible Aids – Jesus’ Peace; Lifestyle Change; Faith in Love.
Palm Sunday: The King We Need
We Can Change and Relationships Can be Saved!
Protect Your Freedom of Conscience from Bad Advice & Gossip
Forgive Yourself – Welcome Yourself – Improve Your Relationship
It’s YOUR NEW YEAR! Some Simple Suggestions for 2018
Let Nothing Upset You; Let Nothing Frighten You; Even Now. (Teresa of Avila)
Are You One of Those Whom Jesus Favors? Who IS He Willing to Teach and Help? (Matthew 11)
7 Signs of a Healthy, Christ-Following Christian Faith
Spiritual Tune-up: FORGIVENESS Requires …
Advent: Christ Has Come. So, What Do We Have TO DO?
4 Short Thoughts on Thanksgiving
Veteran’s Day – “Those Who Serve” Longest and Hardest are Not All Military
Spiritual Tune-up: Do Not Think You Know What YOU DO NOT KNOW

3 Short Lists for Making Thanksgiving Work
Spiritual Tune-up: Six ONE-LINERS. Attention, Silence, Jesus, Focus, Prayer, Melancholy
Spiritual Tune-Up: A Spirit of Melancholy and CONSTRAINT
Let’s Build The Kingdom. Jesus said, “Seek Ye First The Kingdom of God.”
Spiritual Tune-up: Sincerity in PRAYER
If You Do Not Love Your Neighbor Whom You CAN See – Can You Love God?
Spiritual Tune-up: Don’t Ignore JESUS
Spiritual Tune-up: It Takes SILENCE
The Moral Priorities of Jesus – What Did Jesus Teach?
Spiritual Tune-up: The Lord Is NEAR
Spiritual Tune-up: DO WHAT OTHERS WON’T
Spiritual Tune-up: Giving ATTENTION
New Year’s Resolutions – The Work of Christmas Begins (Howard Thurman)
Cowboy’s Christmas Prayer – Good Values
Kingdom Manifesto – Sermon on the Mount Summarized
War on Christmas? The Real Issue Is How CHRISTIANS Behave.
Is Trump a Christian? What Does It MEAN to Believe in Christ?
Give Thanks Freely – but Not for EVERYthing!
About PublicChristian
Veterans Day: Those Who Serve Democracy are Mostly Non-Military

Two Types of Religion – Authority vs Love
The Quiet Places in Our Lives Make Our Public Activity Safer
You Can Pray and Still Be Wrong
10 Rules For Happy Marriage – from Experience
Freedom From Fear – Comes From Your Faith, Not Your Government
Young People Changing the World: Activism and Prayer – “Occupy Spirituality” by Bucko & Fox
Wear YOUR DIAGNOSIS Lightly – It’s Not Really You
“Emergent Evangelical” – Can I Be Both?
John Paul II: Private Prayer and the Dangers of Public Life
“Faith … a Busy, Active, Powerful Thing” – Luther
Obama’s Perspective on Faith in Christ is Biblical
God – Comfort and Radical Challenger
“The Path of Christ …” to the Power of God
Pre-Marital Counseling – We Could Probably All Use Some. [a book review]
Email – She Is Eager to Scare Us All!
How Goes Your Pilgrimage? – Parker Palmer, a Quaker View
Spiritual Refreshment – A Musical Bath for Our Souls
Don’t Forward Lying Emails About Public Figures – It’s UnChristian
The Soul of Prayer – Peter Taylor Forsyth on Spiritual Genuis
Does Prayer “Work”? “Scientific & Pastoral Perspectives…”

You Can Pray And Still Be Very Wrong
The Two Most Obvious Things
Hey, It’s New Year’s Eve
A Christmas Kind of Issue?
As We Think, So We Are
Living in Society vs My Mental Health
A Prayer About Intimacy, Beauty, and Spiritual Reality
Think Thanks on Thanksgiving
Why All The Fuss? ‘Cause People Are Getting Really Tired of It.
Prayer: An Excercise in Reality Therapy
Love Is Not a Special Way of Feeling – Forgiveness
On Resisting Temptation So As To Help Protect Our Great Blessings
Cinco de Mayo
“Thoroughness and Charm”
President Harry Truman’s Integrity Prayer
“Worship Is …” Sage Insight from William Temple
Our Callings Are Precious – Michael Eric Dyson
Jesus Came Down His “Own Secret Stair”
A Prairie Prayer (Christmas Poem)
Happy Holidays To You!! (Grrr!)

Real Prayer in the Real World
Being Thankful Requires a Little Thought
Egotism in Prayer
What Does It Mean To Believe?
Defense of Marriage, the Better Strategy
Whatever You Did, or Did Not. Matthew 25.
Bible Study: Guidelines for Handling Attention
What’s Love Got To Do With It?
Jesus on “Some Who Were Confident of Their Own Righteousness.” Not pretty.
Truman: on Getting the Credit
We Must Love One Another or Die
Responses to Some Questions About this Site
Faith and Responsibility
Creative Fidelity, Personally & Nationally. We Cannot Go Back.
Good Faith versus Bad Faith
Daily “Sabbath”: an Ignatian-Style Meditation & Prayer Site
How I Approach and Handle the Bible – Seriously, & Through Christ
New Year, Old Pain: “Sleepy Democracy is Over”
New Year, Same Old Us, and That’s Not All Bad
Hark! the Herald Angels Sang! — At the Wrong Place

“A Little Baby Thing”
The Hopes and Fears of All the Years — Including 2004?
Merry Christmas If You Can
2 Keys in Daniel’s Prayer Life – Good Example!
Thanksgiving – Think
Learning Jesus
Should We Legislate Christianity?
Fatherhood, Perverse Masculinity, and Politics

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