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RESISTANCE, NONVIOLENCE – posts prior to 2023

Fear – Courage   

Can We Love Our Problem Nation – Like Jeremiah Did?
Right-Wing Violence: Pope Francis’ Early Experience (Llamame Francisco)
Do Not Be Upset. Do Not Be Afraid. Even If Everything is Changing. (Teresa of Avila)
Our Grave National Danger – Links & Quotes
Do Not Be Afraid! 3 Bible Aids – Jesus’ Peace; Lifestyle Change; Faith in Love.
Let Nothing Upset You; Let Nothing Frighten You; Even Now. (Teresa of Avila)
We Must Speak Up. “Lift your voice like a trumpet; declare to my people their sins.”
Spiritual Tune-Up: A Spirit of Melancholy and CONSTRAINT
Post-Election HOPE via Empathy – Hate, Grief, & a New Story.
Freedom to Not Always Fear Our Rulers
President Trump. Should We Hope or Mourn?
Bernie Sanders Responds to the Election – Cooperate and Resist!
The Trump Danger to many Christians is Real
When You Work On It It’s No Longer Impossible
Freedom From Fear – Comes From Your Faith, Not Your Government
What If Christians Are Persecuted Here? Advice from the Bible.
Government by Fear and Hysteria? Where?
And Now? Hard Times and Good News.
RFK – “Moral Courage”
The (Mis-)Use of Fear in Politics – Al Gore & Dwight Eisenhower
Do What You Can
A Reasonable Goal
Will It Be Enough? Is There Any Place To Hide?
Remembering Martin Luther King Jr – Moral & Intellectual Integrity


5 Good Books for Ministers
Everything is Damaged – Crucial Fact 2 of 4
Real Evil Is Very Stubborn – M L King Jr
The Two Most Obvious Things

Love – Service

Inside Out – God’s Love Can Come Out of Our Lives
Veteran’s Day – “Those Who Serve” Longest and Hardest are Not All Military
If You Do Not Love Your Neighbor Whom You CAN See – Can You Love God?
Veterans Day: Those Who Serve Democracy are Mostly Non-Military
“With Malice Toward None” – A Necessary Standard!
What JESUS Says About the People We Tend to Turn Away From
“Bring Us Back To A Unity of Love”
“Choose people” says Shane Claiborne. “We are a gentle, angry people … and we are fighting for our lives”
Lutheran Speaker Calls For “Friends of Jesus” to Speak Up on Social Issues
On Being a Bridge
Love of Enemies, Love of Friends

NonViolence – Courtesy

6 Truths for Trump Years – Martin Luther King’s “Letter from Birmingham Jail”
Chris Moore-Backman Understands Having Hope
Christians & Churches Should Not Enforce the Bible on Us.
Turn the Other Cheek MEANS Resist Them Non-Violently
A Covenant for Civility (Sojourners)
On War – and Its Effects on Humans
Jesus and Evil People – Strong Resistance while being Non-Violent
Teens on Resisting the Temptation to Fight
As We Think, So We Are
“Peace on Earth” – but Not NOW, Of Course
“Jesus Rejected Hatred” for Good Reason – Howard Thurman
Algeria and India – Results of Violent and Non-Violent Resistance.
The Trickle-Down Effect of Deceit, Anger, Violence at the Top
“Devil Music” Telling the Truth
The Lamb and the Dove – Powerful Symbols
Was Jesus Violent? The Temple Money-Changers Incident
Easter, & The Cross, The Deliberate Holy Strategy of God
The Sabbath: From Money, From Injustice, From Cultural Craziness, TO God
Iraqi Family Man Meets Freedom American Style
Short Quotes – Martin Luther King’s “Letter from Birmingham Jail”


Can Churches Offer “Sanctuary” to Immigrants? What’s Legal?
NE Gov Candidate – “Do Justice, Love Mercy”
Scott Kleeb on Abortion: “The ideal number … is zero.”
Sen. Mark Christensen – a “Christian” Outlook
“I Voted for Them Because They Value What I Value”
True Health-care Story Happening in Omaha, a Letter to Sen Ben Nelson

Resistance (General)

“It Will Happen Here.” Solidarity is the Only Possible Response.
Christians Should Respect the US Constitution (1) – Our Mutual Agreement
Is It Hard to Love Your Self-Destructive Nation? Jeremiah Did.
Reputation: Portraits in Power [a book review]
Declaration of Independence – Kid’s Version
The Civilized Are Responsible
How Do You Respond to Rightist Friends and Relatives?
A Republican Political Collapse Will Not Make Things Right.
God and Politics -Gandhi
“Must Speak Out” – You Could.
Truth (& Lying) and Politics
Some Top Concerns In SW Nebraska
Our Country’s Many Anti-Democratic Institutions
Where Words and Deeds Have Not Parted Company
“Declaration of Independence” – from What?
Nazi Hate-talk Training – We’re On That Road
Jimmy Carter’s Son Asks, “What’s Going On?”
Nurse – Philosopher Makes Case for COMPASSION, CARING as a Primary Value
Fear and Courage in the Ambulance
White House: Don’t Worry – We Should All Be Scared to Death!
Is It Good – or Even Safe – For Christians to Run For Office?
M L King Opposed Our Vietnam War. What About Iraq? Juan Cole.
“Far More Dangerous Than Terrorism” says Hagel of the Patriot Act
Long-Distance Sin: Part II
Long-Distance Sin: Less Visible But More Deadly: Part I
“I have to cast my lot with those who … reconstitute the world”
There Is Great Hope for America, But We Have to Get Real. – Isaiah 58
“Silver-tongued Pastors” Growing Calluses on Christ’s Greatest Commandments
Faith and Responsibility
Cover for Evil: Machiavelli, Ledeen, Bush, and Jesus
Creative Fidelity, Personally & Nationally. We Cannot Go Back.
Wislawa Szymborska, poem: Cleaning Up The Mess(es)
I Am Angry, and It’s Very Appropriate
Martin Luther King on War: “A Time Comes When Silence is Betrayal”
Spiritual Character in This World – in Politics, Media, Religion, etc.
Good Sense: An Interview with Mary Pipher
True Health-care Story Happening in Omaha, a Letter to Sen Ben Nelson
A Church Hero Under the Nazis, from “An Honorable Defeat”
The ‘Sermon on the Mount’ – Righteousness without Rage, Goodness without Arrogance
Short Quotes – Martin Luther King’s “Letter from Birmingham Jail”*
The Hopes and Fears of All the Years — Including 2004?
Merry Christmas If You Can
Criticism from God, and A Beautiful Vision for Our Day – Isaiah 58
Let America Be America Again – Langston Hughes
Is Jesus a Republican? Is Jesus a Liberal?
Jesus Stayed Out of Politics

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