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A Prairie Prayer (Christmas Poem)

I know this guy personally and this is entirely legit.
And I much agree with some of his sentiments!

I have an occupation not familiar to most men
So my outlook’s prob’ly dif’rent from beginin’ to the end.

I don’t need a lot of money or the uptown social life,
Just “three squares” on the table and a comfy place to lie.

I don’t miss the color TV with it’s scenes of filth and crime,
A pickup truck and shepherd dog are better friends of mine.

The coyote singing to the stars is my symphony at night
And the yellow moon a’risin’ speeds it’s kindly light.

I’m forty miles from Wal-Mart, yet it don’t seem so far.
If I wanted I could get there – in an hour – in my car.

But the ‘tractions of the City, don’t hold no ‘lure to me
Out here the Prairie stretches just as far as I can see.

And I think of Christmas morning and the Boy Child in the hay
And I am thankful for a Savior who made me just this way.

I have cows and calves and tractors and a way of life I love.
It seems like Paradise to me sent from heaven up above;

And tonight I’m feelin’ sentiments most men will never know;
And a pride wells up within me with a tear that doesn’t show.

See, Jesus knew that Ranchers would be guardians of this land
To protect it from eternal loss (I’ll do the best I can).

     “Thank you God, for lettin’ me be a cowboy,
     I don’t remember ever wantin’ to do nothin’ else.”

H Raymond 1998

See his sites at NebraskaCowman (old tractor parts) or PlowDay (vintage tractors & events).

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