Nazism, Fascism Resistance.

“Must Speak Out” – You Could.


  • Whenever extremists attempt to hijack religion for violent ends,
  • whenever politicians seek to exploit sectarian differences, and
  • whenever the press mischaracterises our faith traditions,

people of faith, religious communities and religious leaders must stand up, speak out and take action.

“must … speak out” Hmm.

Maybe that could include writing a letter to the editor. A brief, courteous, but direct letter will get read. And people appreciate being spoken for even if “only” in the letters column, and even if they don’t speak up for themselves.

Grr. Just nailed myself. I guess there is some regular “mischaracterization” of my personal “faith tradition” in our local paper.

[Quote from William F. Vendley, secretary general of the New York-based Religions for Peace (in an article at Common Dreams, “Inter-Religious Councils Tackle World’s Conflicts” by Deidre May)]

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