Fear and Courage in the Ambulance

A nurse friend of mine, mobitz57 – a Critical Care RN and a volunteer EMT – has begun blogging. Here’s a paragraph about fear and courage, from a riff on “Middle of the Night EMS Calls”.

This is a good parable for some of the other kinds of fear that come to us, and some of the other kinds of courage and heroes any culture needs – ours in particular in the present crisis.

Fear is like smoke from a Camel that burns everytime I take a deep breath. Courage is continuing to breathe – and drive – until what needs to be done is done.

Fear is dark clouds inside a cranial vault. Courage is a tiny light that forces action in the midst of the darkness.

Fear is the fruit of uncertainty. It is a vapor or fog that easily dissipates in the sunshine of reality. The unknown breeds panic, but reality is never as frightening as he was imagined.

Heroes keep driving into the face of the unknown to rescue somebody that they don’t know.

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