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5 Good Books for Ministers
You Can Be Very Serious AND Funny (Frank Laubach)
Evangelicalism is Broken. Do They Know? Do They Care? (review of Labberton’s “Still Evangelical?”)
Naomi Klein Finds Hope – In “Killing the Trump Within”
Chris Moore-Backman Understands Having Hope
Who’s More Moral, the Rich or the Poor? What Traits Go With Each Group? (John Ruskin)
Turn the Other Cheek MEANS Resist Them Non-Violently
Does Prayer “Work”? “Scientific & Pastoral Perspectives…”
Who Are More Moral – the Rich or the Poor? Ruskin: Unto This Last
Economics IS ETHICS – Economics, the Bible, Galbraith, and Sen
Should Christians Work Against Poverty? This Muslim Thinks So.


Food For The Soul – Quote Machine (Walter Wink, John Howard Yoder, Shadia Drury, William Ury)
When The Money and the Power are One
50 More Quotes


Political Worship Songs? Mary and Zechariah’s Songs (in Luke 1) are Blatantly Political.
Do Not Be Upset. Do Not Be Afraid. Even If Everything is Changing. (Teresa of Avila)
The Expendability of Children – Who Cares? 2 Very Short Poems, CS Lewis, Wendell Berry
Cowboy’s Christmas Prayer – Good Values
Words We May Lose: “It took long to buy these words.”
“Devil Music” Telling the Truth
“I have to cast my lot with those who … reconstitute the world”
Wislawa Szymborska, poem: Cleaning Up The Mess(es)
Let America Be America Again – Langston Hughes


Moral Values in Teaching and Nursing
Letter From A Mother
Shame on Promoters of Corrupt War-making – Personal Story
Feed Your Child, or Feed The Corporation? “Forgive Us Our Debts!” – a Mother’s Story
Was It A Lack In My Faith? A Christian Very Puzzled by His Church.
Do Churches Care About the Victims of Abortion? “Lucy’s” story …
Friends, Family & anti-Christ: Jesus Would NOT Run This Kind of Shop
True Health-care Story Happening in Omaha, a Letter to Sen Ben Nelson
“I took Jesus’ teachings to heart” but “I felt alone.” – Another American Experience
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