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Oct 14, 2004

There have been some excellent comments added at the ends of my posts and articles. Here are excerpts from just a few. Click on the first word in each to read the whole comment or others in the same thread.


No one is for killing babies or gay marriage. But some of us are smart enough to know that those are not the only two sins in the world, and that conservatives change the subject to these 2 issues to distract our attention away from other issues. Quite honestly, they have been doing it for so long that I’d be surprised if they fooled anyone but themselves anymore ….

I’m really middle of the road, rather than liberal, and conservatives should be concerned about the fact that they have driven away people like me with the spitefulness [prior comments] have demonstrated here.


Many of the poor we refer to are mentally ill people, senior citizens, etc.. The fact that you [another commenter] assume that everyone on welfare is because they have no desire to achieve and are responsible for crime, makes me sick and reinforces my perception of how republicans are. i bet you also assume they are all black and hispanic, those welfare lazies huh? FYI, the majority of people on welfare are white. SURPRISE!

I grew up very very poor and not ONCE my family took government aid. I went to college and despite what you think, despite being a minority and having excellent grades, no-one gave me a free ride. I took loans which I’ll pay until i die.

The plant i worked at got closed down, so i know hundreds of families that very quickly entered poverty. despite their morals and desires to achieve, our administration has continued to allow the disproportionate export of jobs, and rewarded those companies with more corporate welfare.

where do you get your news? American TV i guess, because its all right wing.

there are definitely two america’s. lucky for you, you have not lived in ours. be indignant all you want, be offended and be sick and tired all you want. vote as your conscience dictates. but dont be so calloused and hardened to think that everyone who is having a bad life its because its their fault. compassion is a Christian trait you should try to keep.

having worked at a homeless shelter, and a rehab program, I understand that in many cases, a persons misery is much out of their hands, and a symptom of a greater social ill. these are the things for which we are responsible.


Lincoln led the Radical Republican party, which basically shifted to the progressive democrats in modern day politics. Lincoln would be rolling in his grave if he saw the conservative republicans running his party.

Once again let us not forget history: Conservative Christians were the biggest supporters of both keeping slavery and segregation. It was liberal and progressive Christians, men like Lincoln, who fought against these injustices. Just as we progressive Christians do today.


Also, it is notable that abortion increased steadily during the pseudo-moral years of Reagan and Bush I.

Republican policies, which always favor the rich and hurt the middle, low income class, always have the effect of creating more abortions among people who wouldn’t have one otherwise.

Democrats know that the solution to the problem of abortion is not to the narrow-minded approach of criminalizing it, it is to implement economic policies that allow the middle and low income class to get educated and prosper as to make abortions unnecessary.

John Kerry knows this is a secular country and that we are all free to worship God. Religion is an individual choice that cannot be sanctioned nor controlled by the state.


We (all of us) should be trying to live the spirit not legislate it. We will not win people for Jesus by gun or force.


I left the church years ago. The hypocrisy I found there drove me to atheism. The little bit of spirituality I have today was rekindled by an Islamic friend named Rami. He taught me more about Jesus than any church ever did. He did it through his love of all people, and his desire to learn.


Politics is becoming the new religion. We do not and can not go to the Lord through a political party or office holder.


I used to occasionally watch Limbaugh. I thought it was pretty good political satire. His impression of a rabid conservative, pushing opinions that no sane man would hold, and his “ditto-heads”, the concept of fans that just repeated what he said without any thought. I found him hilarious. I just wished he would do a liberal sometime too, for balance.

I haven’t been able to watch him since I found out it’s not satire.


I offer to you [posts by certain other commenters] as clear evidence on WHY I walked away from the church years ago. The willful blindness to their own sin and judgmental attitudes and self righteousness are an indictment against them. They do not understand what it means to be a follower of Christ.

If I could find someone like you to worship with, I would. Unfortunately, I am surrounded with people who have the same hate filled attitudes as displayed [in other comments] for all the world to see.

I’m adding a link to your site on mine, and an article about this site, and though I can no longer stomach the vitriolic attitudes of today’s church, I hope you will accept my humble thanks for your attempt in getting the truth out. Thank you.

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