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The Profound Silence

I get a daily email newsletter / update from Dobson’s “Focus on the Family” (“Citizen Link“). As of today, the silence about Pat Robertson’s terrorism-promoting remarks (on Hugo Chavez, President of Venezuela, see recent posts) is eloquent.

I guess “moral values” and “family values” do not overlap into issues of economy, political democracy, oil, and international relations.

And apparently they do not apply to prominent spokespersons for the radical right (or “fundamentalist clerics” who have great influence in the government) in this country.

I think they should.

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  • To Dobson’s silence we can add Chuck Colson, Dr. Charles Stanley, and their millions of followers in the U.S.

    God must have been deeply dissapointed when Jesus forgot to assemble and deploy military combatants around the globe. To make up for all those missed executions, Pat Roberton now gives us his dominion theology and messianic militarism. What a wonderful new gospel of bitter partisanship, brute arrogance, and imperial hubris.

  • Dr. Dobson hasn’t made any allusion to Robertson’s comments for probably one reason: he is so embarrassed. It’s a hard pill to swallow when your “allies” make such ridiculous and careless comments on the airwaves. I do think the Christian right needs to take Robertson to task and publicly hold him accountable (or at the very least, tell him to think before he speaks… can they put that 30-second delay on the 700 Club?) =^)
    The biggest tragedy out of this mess is that missionaries to Venezuela have now had their visas temporarily suspended, and the Venezuelan government is increasing restrictions for all Christian religious activity within the country. Way to go, Robertson. “…the mouth of a fool invites ruin” – Proverbs 10:14b

    (BTW, the site is looking great, Larry!)

  • Bad, believe me, this goes for the most of us visitors.
    Yet I would say Mr. Robertson does in the first place stand squarely in the camp of those men who court the riches of the visible world.
    Those who are instinctively certain there cannot be a God in heaven who seeks to puncture their easy living as if wedded to both power and truth.

  • In case you haven’t figured it out yet, roberts and dobson, and others like them have been running christian madrasas’ for years. They are your christian versions of the mullahs, ayatolla and imanms. How does it feel having the likes of them in your camp?

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