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So Who Is Pro Abortion?

Here’s Howard Dean speaking the other day in Utah:

“I’m tired of Republicans telling us we’re pro-abortion. I served on the board of Planned Parenthood for five years. I don’t know anybody who’s pro-abortion,” he said.

“Most people in this country would like to see the abortion rate go down. That includes Democrats and Republicans. The difference between the parties is that we believe a woman makes that decision about her health care — and they believe Tom Delay makes it.”

I wonder what you think of that?

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  • So true, Admin. In the Christian community, it used to be that only Roman Catholics opposed contraception. Now I keep reading that non-Catholics are also opposed to it. This is totally amazing, since reliable birth control is the best way to prevent unwanted pregnancies and therefore the number one way to prevent abortions. The next best thing–or maybe a tie for first place–is a supportive culture in which each child is made welcome and provided with some kind of support, even if the mother is unmarried or poor. Well we don’t live in that world, do we? Ever see one of those melodramas in which the Victorian head of household throws his housemaid out into the snow because she is pregnant? Well some of those folks are still around, and their hard-heartedness gives morality a bad name.

  • As Howard says, no one is “pro-abortion”. Abortion is a sad choice being made by a mother when something has gone tragically wrong. The last thing she needs at this point is some forced birth advocate making her decision harder.