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The Good God (unlike The Petty God) Really IS GOOD

The Good GodA recent article discussed the wildly popular “Petty God” which is perhaps the primary alternative to The Good God.

What do we know about The Good God?

  1.  The Good God is marvelously different from the Petty God.
  2. The Good God is tied up with, or embodies, or is the Source and Energy behind the marvelously Good, full, eternal, and universally ultimate agenda for all being – the goal of love and truth and joy.

The Petty God

1. The Petty God really is very petty,

cheap, shallow, loveless, inattentive and unaware, obsessed with material things and agendas, busy, preoccupied with uselessness and pride, interminably critical and dissatisfied.

2.  The Petty God is imaginary,

in millions of slightly varying iterations. It is our own minds generating a spirit to enslave us to sorrow, regret, and waste. It is a spirit or set of spirits that we generate, support, and surrender to.

The Good God

1.  The Good God

comes from Elsewhere, which amazingly includes from within us — but a within that is not self-generated like the Petty God.  The Good God is purely Other, yet fully able to interact with, or be present to, or integrate / cooperate with us each one — and through that to generate inter-human cooperations and unities.

2.  The Good God

never creates nor promotes nor enforces falsehoods or wild speculations of theory (theology), or about social life, or personal life, but deals always in truth.

3.  The Good God

is “the God of all joy” of St Paul

4.  The Good God

is about Creating-for-love, Creating-for-joy.  The petty god treats Creation or creative activities as objects for complaint, contempt, criticism, judgment, condemnation, hate, abuse.

5.  The Good God

radiates the spirit of the shepherd bringing back the found sheep — the Christ weeping over Lazarus, or over Jerusalem.  NOT the proud, vengeful spirit of contemporary Calvinism or neo-Reformed theology, and many other religious sub-groups, nor the hyper-critical style so prevalent in American politics today, nor the eager pronouncing of people to be hell-bound.

6.  The Good God

meets new acquaintances with a spirit of genuine interest and deep welcome … starts with questions, not criticisms … makes room and provision for guests, at great cost … does not establish guards and I.D. checkers to catch unacceptable types or races … accepts those rejected by “good society.”

The Good God really is good.

The Good God is the Source and Energy behind the marvelously Good, full, eternal, ultimate agenda for all being - the goal of love and truth and joy.Click To Tweet

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