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Shame-meter Is Obviously Set Wrong

You can read this in the news today. It appears that the shameful behavior detector the President uses is set wrong, or he is reading it backwards.

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – President George W. Bush vowed on Monday to authorize more eavesdropping on Americans suspected of ties to terrorists and said he believed a probe was underway into who committed “the shameful act” of revealing the covert program.

“Suspected.” Wow. I’ve been suspected of a lot of things in my days. I’ll bet you have too. Maybe I should tell Big Brother that I also am a suspect, of all kinds of things. Maybe they should be tapping my phones. Maybe they will.

“The shameful act” is not found in revealing the illegal and unconstitutional behavior of the President.

“The shameful act” is the violation of the Constitution, the law, and legal precedent in order to remove from American citizens their freedoms and the protection of the law.

“The shameful act” is in claiming that THIS particular administration, unlike any that has preceeded it, has moral and intellectual qualities FAR superior to all the rest of us – moral purity and intellectual brilliance that allow it to be entirely free from interference from such petty notions as respect for the rule of law, respect for the American Constitution, or respect for the American people.

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