America’s Lukewarm Rescuers (Democrats) – from a German Perspective

Matthias Rub, a Washington correspondent for a German newspaper, recently wrote an article mocking the Democrats for their ineffective resistance to the Alito nomination.

He said the State of the Union Address was a victory for Bush even before he opened his mouth, because of the presence there of his two new Supreme Court Justices, Roberts and Alito.

it comes down devastating for the Democrats. And yet, at the outset, it looked like the President was the one headed for disaster, after having chosen his legal advisor and former solicitor Harriet Miers for the post on the highest court, an intention which had provoked a storm of anger within his own conservative camp.

But from the day of Alito’s nomination, everything went as planned for Bush and the Republicans. The Judge took on an effective tactic and refused to take a clear position on any one of the contentious issues … [one had] the impression of mighty Senators like Edward Kennedy (Massachusetts) and Joseph Biden (Delaware) running blindly into the sharp edge of a knife held out by Republican strategists.

41 votes were needed, yet 19 Democrats cast their votes with the entirety of 53 present Republicans against the filibuster … thus they eventually failed to bar the way onto the Supreme Court for even one of two conservative Judges.

The author argued that Kennedy’s “Massechusetts wing” of the Democratic party is a real problem, since it tries to throw its weight around but in fact represents pretty much nobody.

The left “Massachusetts Wing” managed to set the tone of the debate although it does not represent the majority, neither among Democrats, nor with the totality of American population.

[The comments submitted about the article included this:]

“Whoever votes for that man (“war president”) chooses War.” My mother once told me that people with foresight, contemporaries of the Weimar Republic of Germany (1920’s and early 30’s) had given that warning without the mainstream hearing them. It’s taken me a while to truly realize that such blindness may – depending on the circumstances – befall any people of the earth. And, what’s more, that in such moments even intellectuals will soon arrive at a point where nothing, but absolutely nothing will bring them to open their eyes towards reality.

The issue arose again in November 2004. We’re not dealing here with abortion or gay marriage, some points where I too think rather conservatively. But this President (Bush) was a convicted liar and outlaw; people knew that – people could suppose even more than what was established – but they elected him nevertheless.

Such a nation is throwing itself away, it’s nothing better than that! Imperium Americanum enters the stage formerly held by the plebeian monarchy of Caesars.

Further, the so-called Massachussetts faction of the Democratic party does for one sole reason fail to speak for the majority of Americans, and that is because for long, obstinate years they are acting far too half-heartedly and fickle. The true majority is among those 50%+ of non-voters who will no longer trust any of the two corporate merchandizers of the same policies – called parties. I have come to revise my opinion that the Republican party is the greater nuisance.

May readers consult Revelation 3:14-18. The lukewarm congregation of Laodicea was the worst!

[Thanks to Martin B. for translating all this, and for being the author of the main comment quoted above.]

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  • And thanks to you, Larry, for taking this on your site. Indeed, I’m aware my commentary (under the limit of 1500 signs) should properly have given the link between the giving in on Alito and the paving of the way for an openly acclamatory travesty of “democracyâ€?. I just supposed, interested readers were enough informed to know of all those theories of “Unitary Executivesâ€? and their impact on the constitution; and I deliberately decided that those who do not would do better with the jolt of hearing some really grating opinion than ceaselessly being smothered and lulled by that bulk of mainstream documentation (even serious print media) increasingly dealing with the surface of politics alone while refusing to delve into any of the depths of policy, history and pertinent (!) (not relations related) background.

    They are LYING by their HALF-TRUTHS and OMISSIONS even more grievously than anything the Swift Boat Veterans for Truthspeak were able to accomplish.

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