Litmus Test II

This has been circulating in blogdom. It’s called “My Litmus Test” for candidates. (Barb wrote us another, more fundamental “Litmus Test” article for this site a while back.)

I know some who visit here are not Democrats, some are neither Democrats nor Republicans. But to me the point of this little list is something like –

We do have more than one political party in this country. It would be nice to be hearing more than one perspective from our elected officials and candidates on the crucial issues of the day.

Here’s the Litmus Test:

  • Does the candidate ‘distance himself’ from the party and/or its leaders, or is he proud to be a Democrat?
  • Does he talk like a bureaucrat or like a regular person?
  • Does she make it clear that she opposes Bush and the Republicans?
  • Does she back down when the corporate press/media or Republican pundits attack her, or does she stand by her words?
  • Does he sleepwalk through the campaign, or does he act like he wants to win?

No, I don’t think that’s “too belligerent.” By today’s standards, it hardly even registers on the belligerence scale.

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