Not a Democrat. Definitely not a Republican.

This site began as a Christian Democrat site, way back in 2003.  I have been a registered Democrat for probably 43 years; but about four years ago my affiliation changed to independent (“unaffiliated”).

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So many Christians just assume that … Republican talking points from Fox news, etc., are the standard of truth and morality. That is dangerously far from the truth.
I was glad to vote for Obama (twice), and have been pleased with a number of his actions and accomplishments.

But I have been very disappointed in his susceptibility to the perspectives of the Wall Street “banksters” who have done so much damage to our economy.  And I was quite angry with his unconcern (at least in public action) about torture by the American government, about killing civilians with drone strikes, about unjust arrest and imprisonment both inside the US and by our authority elsewhere, and other issues of democracy, justice, and civil liberty.

Sadly, the influence of money and insider status in our political life means that Democrats, not only Republicans, are manipulated and in truth corrupted way beyond what a healthy political culture can endure. Still, I believe Democrats put forward better quality candidates in a large majority of whatever races I have any insight into. It seems obvious to me that at least they are usually more civil and better informed, which really does matter. Also, the Democratic Party has much more consistently stood for actions that benefit or protect working people and the more-or-less powerless in America. That also really does matter.

So I will briefly change my registration back to Democratic if there comes along a primary in which my vote might be crucial. And I will still tend to vote straight Democratic in general elections. But I am pretty disgusted with how party politics tends to work in this country these days, at every level.

On the other hand, there are good things happening, including, it seems, more citizen alertness and involvement.

And this is for sure! The Democrats in Nebraska recruited a couple of awesome candidates this time around – for Governor (Chuck Hassebrook) and US Senator (Dave Domina). They are both smart, experienced, successful, disciplined, gusty, honest, and truly committed to the “ordinary people” of Nebraska and of the US.

So if these articles often pick on Republicans – well, they have made themselves into wonderful targets over recent decades. But the corruption is splashing around quite freely, on lots of people.

The point here, though, is this. A big concern of this site is how easily so many Christians just assume that Republican candidates and office-holders, and Republican talking points from Fox news, etc., are the standard of truth and morality for America. That is dangerously far from the truth; and Christian Democrats tend not to do that. That also really does matter.

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  • For me a former Republican, the Christian ideal falls somewhere between to points. James 1:27 and “are we property of the state or free souls under God?”