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Did Isaiah Know About Our Dishonest, Self-Serving “Mainstream” Media?

In a recent forum topic MadTheologian complains about this administration not being held to account. That is so true. “We the people” in general bear some real guilt for not wanting to know the truth and not putting out the effort to find it. It can, after all, be found, at least for a while yet.

Nevertheless the Right Wing Corporate Media bear much guilt. They are vastly dominant in public “news” dissemination and commentary, and they are in theory our first line of defense against public falsehood. In practice they have become a giant echo chamber for administration pronouncements and arguments, with a free, comfortable and energetic disregard for truth and objectivity. Even in the so-called “liberal” outlets like the Washington Post, New York Times and NPR you have to look and listen with some care to get any serious idea of the falsehoods we are being fed and the problems we are facing.

I wonder — did old Isaiah actually know these people? Many centuries ago he wrote:

Israel’s watchmen are blind,

they all lack knowledge;

they are all mute dogs,

they cannot bark;

they lie around and dream,

they love to sleep.

They are dogs with mighty appetites;

they never have enough.

They are shepherds who lack understanding;

they all turn to their own way,

each seeks his own gain. (Isaiah 56:10, 11)

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  • Oops! I accidentally deleted the comment (March 22) about the old prophets being reliable, and today’s media shepherds feeding garbage because the sheep lust for it. My apologies. Can you redo it?