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Is Trumpism a Word, a Thing? Yup. Dangerous? 14 Good Sources Say “You Better Believe It!”

Is trumpism a word? Yes. It stands for the end of democracy, the end of freedom, the end of decency.

Is Trumpism a word?

Is trumpism a word? The highly esteemed journal “The Economist” saysDonald Trump Poses the Biggest Danger to the World in 2024.” Really? More than the threats of climate change, war, AI, the GOP-dominated House, unrestrained egos of (other) billionaires …?!

Let’s at least face the facts.  Here are brief quotes from recent articles, reliable sources, sharing that sentiment. All have links so you can see the context of each.

 I. THE ECONOMIST’S WARNING – implying: Resist Trump!

From that Economist article, Nov 16, 2023:

In this week’s edition we publish The World Ahead 2024, our 38th annual predictive guide to the coming year, and in all that time no single person has ever eclipsed our analysis as much as Donald Trump eclipses 2024 …
Trump 2 would be more organised than Trump 1. True believers would occupy the most important positions. Mr Trump would be unbound in his pursuit of retribution, economic protectionism and theatrically extravagant deals …
[Then here’s a list of short comments:]

  • … his gut feeling that only losers allow themselves to be bound by the norms, customs and self-sacrifice that make a nation.
  • China and its friends would rejoice over the evidence that American democracy is dysfunctional.
  • If Mr Trump trampled due process and civil rights in the United States, his diplomats could not proclaim them abroad.
  • The global south would be confirmed in its suspicion that American appeals to do what is right are really just an exercise in hypocrisy.
  • … protectionism justified by an expansive view of national security would increase prices for Americans.
  • Mr Trump’s indifference to human rights [would make some nasty regimes come closer].
  • … knowing that America would abandon Europe …
  • …Calculating that Mr Trump does not stand by his allies
  • And because America will have voted him in while knowing the worst, its moral authority would decline.


Is Trumpism a Word? Wikipedia connects it to a Cult of Personality.

A) From Nathaniel Manderson (ordained American Baptist), in Salon, December 3.

He’s arguing that the current GOP is the devil at work in America.

Trump, much like the devil, couldn’t care less about abortion. It is an issue manipulated to motivate followers … But now that the abortion issue is hurting the Republican brand, Trump will of course shift his views to win, because power is more important to evil than following any moral code.

B) From Wikipedia, Trumpism article.

Certain characteristics within public relations and Trump’s political base have exhibited symptoms of a cult of personality.
(In a popup Wikipedia defines “cult of personallity” as “the result of an effort which is made to create an idealized and heroic image of a glorious leader, often through unquestioning flattery and praise.”)

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III. FASCISM, AUTHORITARIANISM, WILDNESS – Is trumpism a word? Yes.  So what is trumpism meaning for America?

Functional answers to the query What is the Definition of Trumpism?

A) AXIOS, Nov 13,  on “Vermin” speech by Trump

– Trump pledged to “root out the communists, Marxists, fascists and the radical-left thugs that live like vermin within the confines of our country, that lie and steal and cheat on elections.”
– He also posted the same message on Truth Social — confirming that the incendiary language was deliberate, not a heat-of-the-moment miscue.
– The vengeful rhetoric at the heart of Trump’s campaign message isn’t just bluster.
– he would consider weaponizing the federal government against his enemies if elected
– plans to eviscerate the Justice Department’s independence
– pre-screening the ideologies of thousands of potential appointees to replace vast swaths of the federal bureaucracy with pro-Trump loyalists.

B) Cognoscenti, WBUR radio, Boston, Nov 15.

When reporters reached out to the Trump campaign to see if he might want to walk back this statement (calling fellow Americans “vermin”), with its clear echoes of fascism, the response was about as subtle as a Nazi salute. A spokesman named Steven Cheung pledged that Trump’s critics would “be crushed” once he returns to the White House.
– … his core belief that “I have the right to do whatever I want as president” — the precise mindset of a dictator.
– Trump is a revenge candidate; like all demagogues, he tells his supporters whom to hate rather than what he’s going to do to improve their lives.
– So yes, he’s clearly trying to intimidate his enemies. But he’s mostly trying to rile up his conservative base, many of whom have been using this kind of fascistic language for years …
– It is a calculated effort to activate the violent fantasies of a population that is already primed …
– The longer Trump remains the central figure in our realpolitik, the more lonely, aggrieved, heavily-armed Americans may decide that bloodshed is a vital and necessary political tool.

C) Robert Reich (from the Guardian, Sep 6)

– Do everything within your power to ensure that Donald Trump is not re-elected president …
– … the prize – the survival of American democracy during one of the greatest stress tests it has had to endure

D) Roll Call, Aug 25

– he is contemplating seeking to criminally charge his political opponents …
– with a second Trump presidency we would be entering ‘really dangerous territory’

E) Thom Hartmann, RawStory+, Sep 6

– Rational people know that messiahs don’t molest women and brag about it, don’t fleece people with a phony school who just want a college education, don’t encourage racial hatred, and don’t get crowds to try to overturn democracy and kill a policeman
– He’s a predator, and his prey are the psychologically and emotionally vulnerable, people crushed by 40 years of Reagan’s neoliberalism, now desperate for simple answers to complex problems.
– We’re all vulnerable to mass psychosis as a condition of our humanity. That’s why true leaders like Joe Biden or Bernie Sanders openly refuse to allow cults of personality to form around them. Even John McCain had the decency to correct a woman saying that Obama was a “secret Muslim.”
– Point out as often and as clearly as possible what a criminal, hustler, con artist and genuinely damaged person Trump is, and put him safely in prison. Break the bond with his followers by crushing his aura of invincibility: indict and convict him of very ordinary crimes like public corruption, tax fraud, bank fraud, treason, theft, and rape.
The damage they could wreak in a country awash in 400 million guns is breathtaking.

F) The Hill, Aug 21

From time to time, citizens are called on to display what might be called “civic courage.”  This is one of those times.

G) The Atlantic, Aug 2

the dominant faction in one of our two major parties has repeatedly demonstrated its willingness to accept antidemocratic means to advance its interests.

H) The New York Times, Nov 20

The former president is focusing his most vicious attacks on domestic political opponents, setting off fresh worries among autocracy experts.

I) The New Republic, Nov 14

in the 2022 midterms; voters said that abortion and threats to democracy were the two issues that were front of mind as they tamed the “red wave” that was supposed to sweep Republicans into power.

J) AlterNet, Nov 14, “Transition to Fascism Now Complete” – quoting Ruth Ben-Ghiat

“He is a cult leader. And the GOP has long been … submissive to him. He put them under an authoritarian discipline, and then he made them complicit. And this is what corrupt, violent authoritarians do. They make you part of their crimes.”

Vox, Nov 14 – Believe Him

So – is Trump dangerous? Is Trumpism fascist?

He’s talking like a fascist. He’s planning fascist policies. He’s staffing up with fascists.

What SHOULD we think?
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