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“Bombs are the same…” – C. S. Lewis

She was beautifully, delicately made,
So small, so unafraid,
‘Till the bomb came.
Bombs are the same,
Beautifully, delicately made.
— C. S. Lewis


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  • The only kind of registration I’m aware of here in Texas is that if you vote in a party primary, that party is stamped on your voter card. Then you can’t vote in the other guy’s primary.

    FYI: Bill Richardson is trying to get Congress to de-authorize the war. Check it out at

  • The party you register with doesn’t restrict your voting in anything but primaries, and can easily be switched back in time to vote in them, but if large numbers did this in protest, it would send a message to our “representatives” that if they don’t start representing us, we will go somewhere else.

  • An interesting idea. But if a person leaves the Democrats and joins the Greens, is he or she simply trading an itty bitty voice for no voice at all? That’s not a rhetorical question, I’d like to know your views on it, Mr. B.

  • Maybe you should write to your local Board of Elections. If enough of us write a letter stating “I wish to change my party affiliation to” something other than Democratic, maybe they will get the message. If not, then don’t change it back, and vote accordingly.

    The Republican Party, instead of being the mainstream conservative party, has joined the radical Constitution Party in extremism. Moderate Republicans and the DLC can have the Democratic Party, as the new mainstream conservative party, and liberals and progressives can join the Greens or form a new party, to become a new mainstream liberal party.

    If the Dems don’t care what we say, leave.

  • This is lovely, but it won’t stop the war. What will? I am so very frustrated and disappointed with the Democrats and their caving in to Bush. I’ve written to the Democratic party, my congressman, the speaker of the house, etc. blah blah blah.