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Who’s Pro-life?

Sent to me by a friend:

“Pro-life” + no helpful legislation = pro-choice

So you “vote pro-life” eh? And what good has that done? There are many steps we could take to significantly reduce abortions in this country, and our Republican-dominated House and Senate have taken basically none of them. But many “pro-choice” Democrats would actually support many of those steps.

So who’s really pro-life?

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  • Isn’t this question kind of like the question in the parable of the Good Samaritan? Who was
    the victim’s neighbor?

  • Did anyone see “60 Minutes” last night. Someone (can’t remember the name) who had worked for the administrations’ “Faith” based initiative has written a “tell-all” book that describes
    the Republican leaders’ dismissal of the “Christianist” right as a bunch of kooks! Do Dobson and his ilk have any idea who they are in bed with?