How About It? A List of Questions for President Bush

October 5, 2004


(Here’s part of an entry made here back in August.)

… Why are so few sins emphasized by the ‘right’? And the Republicans have NOT helped us reduce the frequency of even those few. Further, why are only ‘other peoples’ sins taken into consideration while the churches’ sins and the Republicans’ sins are ignored? After all, God’s judgment begins with those who claim most publicly to be God’s people.

“wrong is wrong and must be opposed…”

Well, ok.

How about lying in the White House? Clinton lied for a few days about an issue peripheral to governing and national security. The Bush administration lies repeatedly, perhaps daily, about the most crucial matters.
How about exposing CIA agents so our national defense is compromised and informants’ lives are put at risk, purely for partisan political gain?
How about preemptive war for the first time in our history, based on false information and violating the moral stance against aggression that we have taken through the centuries?
How about sending our friends and family members into combat through a dishonest ‘back-door-draft’ via the National Guard?
How about deliberately not providing adequate financial support for our troops while enriching civilian friends of the administration through the war effort?
How about slashing veteran’s benefits?
How about slandering Senators John McCain , Max Cleland, and John Kerry for their honorable service in Vietnam?
How about sneaking out the back door when your country wanted you to serve in that same conflict?
How about shoveling more money to rich children and taking it away from the children of the rest of us?
How about the long, persistent, and effective effort to cut wages of real American working people who really work for a living?
How about doing nothing that’s actually effective in reducing the number of abortions while pursuing policies that actually increase the number of abortions worldwide?

That list could go on for pages, literally …. The hypocrisy and arrogance of this administration have made the US a mockery around the world. It’s time to clean house …


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