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Torture, or “Controversial Interrogation Policies”?

Calling a spade a “landscaping concept”? This was an article summary in a New York Times email I received a couple of days ago:

The Senate voted 60 to 36 Thursday to confirm Alberto R. Gonzales as attorney general, but only a handful of Democrats backed him after days of often strident debate over his role in setting controversial interrogation policies for detainees.

Notice “controversial interrogation policies” as the euphemism for “torture.” Seven letters to thirty-three. That’s called torturing the English language, tortured avoidance of reality. 2500 years ago Confucius was calling for “rectification of names”, a delightful concept that would certainly include calling torture, of all things, “torture.”

We humans avoid facing our guilt by many different means; and one very common one is to carefully avoid describing our behavior in honest terms. The fact is that the majority of US Senators, including several Democrats, voted for torture as US policy when they voted to approve the President’s nominee for Attorney General.

Is that not a “moral” or “values” issue? Is that not clearly un-American behavior? We need to take our stands for truly American values, and help bring America back.

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