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The Strange Morality of Family Values Candidates (R-NE)

US Senator Ben Nelson (Dem, NE) and Legislative candidate Frank Shoemaker (Dem, McCook, NE) were not impressed with the false lines of rhetoric on “pro-life” issues that their opponents put out in McCook the other day. This is from a McCook Gazette article titled “Shoemaker, Nelson Say Attacks Unfair

“Unfair”? Yes, but “dishonest” would be more direct. How does it support “moral values” or “family values” to slander your opponents just to win votes? It does not. Then what does it support? Here are a few excerpts.

[Nelson’s and Shoemaker’s] statements came in response to charges made at a pro-life rally Tuesday involving Republican Senate candidate Pete Ricketts, legislative candidate Mark Christensen and State Sens. Mike Foley and Tom Baker.

I. About Senator Nelson:

… he remains the only [NE US Senate] candidate endorsed by the Nebraska Right to Life and Nebraskans United for Life.

“It’s personal when they attack me and my record,” Nelson told the Gazette today, noting his pro-life views played a part in the adoption of two children.

As governor, he supported a waiting period for abortion, parental consent and the partial-birth abortion ban.

II. Quoting Frank Shoemaker:

“In the article, Sen. Mike Foley says, ‘he’s not one of us,’ in reference to me. His statement is ridiculous. I have never met nor spoken to Sen. Foley. If he had spoken to me, he would know that my position on family values has been consistent throughout the campaign. I oppose abortion except in cases of rape, incest and threat to a mother’s life.

To suggest that I am not pro-life is insincere at best and dishonest at worst. Such an attack certainly does not follow the Christian values that my opponent claims to follow.

“My position regarding stem cell research has also been consistent. I agree with President Bush, Orin Hatch and Nancy Reagan and support research using only existing stem cell lines and adult stem cells to find cures for Parkinson’s, Juvenile Diabetes, and other disabilities that afflict us.

Shoemaker also has problems with his opponent’s inconsistencies on other matters.

I have not only been consistently pro-life, but also consistent about my positions on water, economic development and health care — issues that I believe are important to the residents of the 44th District.

My opponent, on the other hand tells you he will put water in the lakes and then refuses to tell how he will do so. He says he is in favor of registering every gun and when questioned reverses his stance. He says he is against incentives to attract physicians to our hospital but won’t respond when asked why. He says he will resign from WaterClaim and Nebraskans First if he is elected. However, during the heat of an election, candidates often say anything just to get elected.

My family values are the values that each of us share and I am proud those values are a part of my life. There is great hope on the prairie because we are an independent people. We deserve an independent senator, not one tied to special interests such as WaterClaim or Nebraskans First,” Shoemaker said.

III. John Kugler,

a Shoemaker campaign team member, also got into the act.

“As a father to seven children, Christensen said he believed life begins at conception and that each life is ‘a gift from God.'”

“If Mark Christensen is so family-oriented and feels so strongly about his pro life and family values position, maybe he should stay home, support his wife and help raise his young family instead of entertaining the thought of being away from home more than half the year trying to be the next Tom Baker. What’s wrong with that picture?,” Kugler said.

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  • As a single father raising a 16 year old son, I believe I can well make statements about time, efforts and attention
    that is necessary to raise a child, let alone 7. There is time later in life to achieve your personal and political

    Best of luck Mark.