Civil Rights (Minorities, Race, Immig, Vets)

“The Foundation of All Totalitarian Government” – Incarceration without Rights. Churchill.

The power of the executive
• to cast a man into prison without formulating
   any charge known to the law,
• and particularly to deny him the
   judgment of his peers,
is in the highest degree odious,
and the foundation of all totalitarian government whether Nazi or Communist.”

from Winston Churchill (He was a guy who knew enough history, and had enough public experience, to have a pretty good clue about what was going on.)

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  • The times are beginning to force us to understand more viscerally and terribly the emotion in many chapters of the Bible, like Micah 1:8 –

    Because of this I will weep and wail …

    Of course, those staid and august prophets were not always staid and august. I will go about barefoot and naked. I will howl like a jackal and moan like an owl.

    Rev. Robin Meyers of Oklahoma City says his new book (Why the Christian Right is Wrong) is the modern cultural equivalent of jumping up and down and shouting. It is hard to get people to notice! The frustration can be terrible. It brought Jesus to tears. But it did not keep him from his work.

  • Ever have a dream when you were yelling and screaming and nobody could hear you?

    i haven’t. It seems to always happen when i’m awake.