Moral and Political Education from – Yes – Bill Clinton

Here’s a short video in which former President Clinton brings us some deadly serious insight about the intersections of government and morality, with some hilarious comedy highlights. (9 minute video of a speech at a Jim Webb rally in Virginia the Monday before the election)

“My class is winning and I don’t like it.”

“Deficit … as if they didn’t create it.”

“… somebody from the other side had to read a book …”

“… pledged their lives, their fortunes, their sacred honor … to form a more perfect union …”

“We are not perfect. We must be humble.”

“… restraints in the rule of law …”

I think I know why “they” hate him.

First, he tells us what they don’t want us to hear.

Second, while we don’t agree with everything he says or does, the American people just really approve of this guy as a leader and as one who will speak for them. Americans sure don’t feel that way about the current resident of the White House!

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  • Amen!

    President Clinton is still my favorite President, despite his many failings. He was an extremely intelligent, capable leader. There’s no telling where our Country would be if he were still at the helm. I do not believe we would be in Iraq, and the middle class would be doing better. Clinton certainly respected our Constitution and our civil liberties. When comparing Clinton’s “impeachable offence” to the things that Bush has done, it seems that there are a lot of hypocritical people out there.
    It’s a shock to go from a Statesman to whatever we have now. It’s like having a large glass of cold water poured over your head, only worse. If President Bush is the best and the brightest the Republican Party has to offer, and if the Country continues to lean Republican in Presidential elections, we are in big trouble!