Hi-Schoolers Start World Ministry Based in Prayer

Back in 1968 they did – one of those years of student activism and turmoil in many places. And the ministry they began is still going – STRONG! You can visit the website of Sant ‘Egidio (based in Trastevere, Rome) to get an idea of how much is going on, and in how many places, as a result of their ’60s era activism. Not bad for a bunch of kids getting a bee in their bonnet.

The beginning and center of their work is a half-hour of “prayers” together in the church every evening.

At the end of a textbook we just finished in my “Life and Teachings of Jesus” class (Desire of the Everlasting Hills), Thomas Cahill spends some time talking about Sant-Egidio. Here’s a comment one of my students wrote:

It would be great for every community to have their own Sant ‘Egidio. To have a place to go to pray and read the Bible every night. To be around people that are kind and compassionate. To be a part of making a difference in someone’s life.

Amen. How could we do that? Do you know of people who are really doing something like that? (I know a lot of people who THINK they are doing something like that, or wish they were …)

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  • We’re *supposed* to have that here in Norton, OH. However… we openend the Bible last night for the wrong reason. And I’m still banging my head against the wall and the people on the other side don’t know Morse Code. By the way, congratulate me– I’m being brainwashed by people like you! And I should watch FOX News, since they’re not biased. Someone slap me, please, I’m having a nightmare.

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