An Outside Look at American Politics: “Nor Will They Bring People to Christ”

Here’s a very helpful reaction to the article “Why Many Christians Do Not Vote Republican.” Thanks CT for putting things so well. I have added underlines and bolding.

This is a great article. Although I am not American, if I had to vote I would also struggle with voting Republican.

While I don’t agree with all of the policies of the Democrats, I believe they are by far the better option.

We cannot tar all Republicans with the same brush but from what I can see their policies are not consistent with the teachings of Christ nor will they bring people to Christ which is what we as disciples are called to do.

Regarding the obsession with abortion and homosexuality:

While I agree abortion is wrong, I don’t see how criminalising it will stop women from aborting babies. People need to have a personal conviction that abortion is wrong and that will not come from aggressive anti-abortion tactics or rhetoric. Instead, would it not be better to provide better sexual education so that less young women fall pregnant and provide better facilities for young mothers who may feel that they are unable to support a child alone? Would it not also be better to educate men from a young age about respecting women so that there are less cases of rape which would lead to abortion?

Would it not also be a good idea for schools to teach students about responsibility and the need to use protection. While as Christians we shouldn’t practice sex outside of marriage we can’t expect non-Christians who have neither the conviction nor the help of the Holy Spirit to do the same.

With regards to homosexuality, we are called to love our neighbour period. The bible does not tell us only to love those we look and behave like us. It breaks my heart when I hear the hate that some Christians direct towards homosexuals, as if they are a sub-human species. Yes, I believe that marriage is between one man and one woman but in order to reach homosexuals we have to love them. By attacking them and displaying hateful behaviour towards them as some Republicans do, we are destroying an opportunity to love them and allow the Holy Spirit to reveal himself to them through us.

Finally, with regards to the poor. The assumption that poor people are lazy and are poor as a result is not only erroneous but does not display the loving attitude towards the needy Christ calls us to have. We have a responsibility towards those who are less fortunate, regardless of how they got there. How can people honestly debate whether or not helping the poor with universal healthcare is a good idea? Surely as followers of Jesus Christ we already know the answer to that.

God bless you all.

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