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The Dangers of Christian Dominionism – the Christian Right’s Lust to Control You

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The dangers of christian dominionism are not new, but let’s be familiar with what it stands for
to avoid being oppressed, or deceived by its heresy.

the dangers of christian dominionismI recently became interested in the dangers of christian dominionism when I read an internet article by Sara Diamond that discusses its influence in the policies of the Bush Administration. The precepts of dominionism are too broad for a single article, but here are some basics.

Dominionists apply their principles to both domestic and foreign policy.

In a recent example of its influence on domestic policy, James Dobson of the Focus on Family is threatening to use his political muscle to unseat six democratic senators if they oppose judicial appointments he supports – a move that goes far beyond voting his values to an un-Christian intimidation. Maybe someone forgot to tell Mr. Dobson that the six senators have families too.

In a recent CSPAN panel discussion on religion and the Bush presidency, one panelist stated that the evangelical interest in foreign policy was currently limited to the elite of the Christian right. According to Mr. Van Dulk, this elite have not discussed foreign policy with the grass roots level yet because they prefer to focus on domestic issues such as abortion and gay marriage at this level. At least with respect to foreign policy, there may still be time to keep Christians from being deceived or led astray be dominionism.

However, dominionism is not something that exists only on the fringe – it exists in our daily religious lives. I once sat in shock while a bible study teacher quoted Hitler-s propaganda for the master race that it is a woman’s duty to have children. I don-t really believe that she knew who she was quoting, and it is unlikely that whoever re-introduced this principle told people they were emulating Hitler. They were probably told they were helping to build an army for God. This capacity to deceive or lead people astray is the danger of dominionism.


In addition to contradicting what is generally considered God’s intent in Genesis, it denies rather than follows the teachings of Jesus. At the beginning of his ministry, Jesus rejected Satan’s offer to have kingdoms on earth. If Jesus didn’t think that was the way to bring God’s kingdom, why would we?
The basis of dominion theology is a misconstruction of Genesis 1:26 to apply man-s dominion over the creatures of the world to include other humans and their secular governments and institutions. This conflicts with the more accepted interpretation that it gives man dominion over the animal kingdom, and with the second story of creation in Genesis 2, in which Adam names the animals in what appears to be the role of a guardian.

In the 1960-s and 1970-s, RJ Rushdoony founded the Chalcedon Foundation which still promotes this false interpretation of Genesis 1:26 under the label of Christian Reconstructionism. In his book, Backward Christian Soldier?, one-time Rushdoony follower Gary North states that Christians have a moral obligation to “recapture every institution for Jesus Christ.”

Another follower of Rushdoony, George Grant has stated that “It is dominion we are after. WORLD CONQUEST. That’s what Christ has commissioned us to accomplish.” In 1981, Frances Schaeffer published his version of dominionism in The Christian Manifesto.

It denies rather than follows the teachings of Jesus

In addition to contradicting what is generally considered God’s intent in Genesis, it denies rather than follows the teachings of Jesus. At the beginning of his ministry, Jesus rejected Satan’s offer to have kingdoms on earth. If Jesus didn’t think that was the way to bring God’s kingdom, why would we?

During his ministry, Matthew 20:25-28 (KJV) says “But Jesus called unto them and said ‘Ye know the princes of the Gentiles exercise dominion over them, and they that are great exercise authority over them.

But it shall not be so among you; but whosoever will be great among you, let him be your minister, and whosoever will be chief among you, let him be your servant; Even as the Son of Man came not to be ministered unto, but to minister, and to give his life as a ransom for many.’

And at his trial at the end of his ministry Jesus says “My kingdom is not of this world” in John 18:36. In the story of the faithful servant in Matthew 24, we are instructed to continue to serve God until Jesus returns, not to dethrone him by trying to become the master.


Strict dominionism is generally rejected by mainstream Christianity; however, dominionist themes have crept its way into fundamentalist practice. Some of the elements of dominionism that appear in Christian churches include:

1. Focus on the supernatural

The Assemblies of God declared the Latter Rain doctrine heresy in the late 1940’s; however, some have brought back the doctrine in the 1970’s without using the name. The neo-prophetic movement is one manifestation of this doctrine. One leading modern proponent, Bob Jones (not the university founder)

, has publicly stated that someone can still be a prophet if they are correct only 65% of the time, which clearly contradicts God’s warnings for false prophets in Deut 18:22.

Under this standard, it’s not hard to see why some people think that Bush hears from God even though he was wrong about WMD in Iraq. Others in this movement attempt to teach people how to prophesy, contradicting the bible which unquestionably describes it as a gift of the Holy Spirit, rather than a skill to be learned.

2. Focus on old testament law,

in some cases ahead of new testament teaching – This is evidenced in the support for the death penalty, which does not exactly create a “culture of life”. It is not likely they would institute ALL old testament law, such as the forgiveness of debts every seven years, making it’s implementation subject to the will of man rather than the will of God.

3. Focus on home schooling

to help create a generation to run secular institutions for Jesus – I’m not opposed to home schooling; however, Gary North, quoted above, has founded the Institute for Christian Economics, which through its website provides educational material for home schooling at no cost, but no doubt from a dominionist world view.

4. An excuse for not doing good works

Focus on salvation through faith alone – While this is biblical, it is used un-biblically as an excuse for not doing good works. (See James 2:14-18 and 2Cor 9:8) Someone truly changed through faith would likely want to do good works, and we should be wary of anyone who claims to have faith but uses this excuse.

5. Focus on eschatology (“the last days”)

One dominionist group known as Kingdom Now has as its goal the completion of the perfect church, without “spot or wrinkle” in preparation for the return of Christ. A whole host of evils could occur or have occurred under this aim, including

  • ostracizing undesirables from the church in opposition to both the teaching and the example set for us by Jesus;
  • the justification of doing evil to non-believers, such as the abuse of Muslim prisoners (see Lamentations 3: 34-36) or preaching that Islam’s secret goal is to destroy Christianity.
  • Another evil that has been associated with the Reconstructionists is racism, based on Rushdooney’s writings prohibiting interracial marriage.

This is just a brief summary of some of the dominionist principles that have infiltrated some mainstream Christian practice. We need to continually think about our faith and be on guard against those who would lead us astray.

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  • The saddest thing about it to me is that the people who know the least about the others inhabiting the earth are the ones who want to dictate their futures.

  • The scriptures does say in the last days man will be rebellious
    and self-willed; does’nt this sound like todays’society? I am beginnig
    o wonder if anyone-anyone who has an interest in bible prophecy-is see

    ing this happen before their eyes?

  • The sum of it is that an outlook of atheism is about bad instruction and a species of conceit.

    Again, who has found people of natural spirituality who do not embrace some concept of physical resurrection? Are Eurocentric learners then much smarter than all of them?

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