Anteaters Use AND Preserve Their Crucial Resources – Unlike Humans

I’m not interested in imitating their diet or lifestyle. But they act like they’re disciplining their appetites in the interests of thinking ahead. What a way to live.

I presume these little dudes are not very good seminar-facilitators. Too bad, because we need to get some promotion of their innate good sense among us big-brained humans – who so often seem unable to get the most elementary life-or-death concepts into our consciousness and practice.

Saturday we got Access Cookbook, (Getz, Litwin, and Baron, from O’Reilly Media). It has an anteater on the cover. Inside the back it tells us this about the “northern tamandua” (tamandua mexicana, the collared or lesser anteater of Central America and northern South America).

They use the sharp claws on their front paws to open ant and termite nests, but they are careful to not destroy the nests completely and take just a small portion of the colony before they go for the next nest. This strategy preserves the colonies for future feedings.

Sort of like “western civilization” is interested in taking care of the atmosphere and the oceans for the sake of “future feedings”? Well, not exactly.

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