America Dreams of Empire – A Comment from Germany

Have you read the new comment by Martin on yesterday’s post? I’m reproducing most of it here. This is obviously a very literate, concerned, and attentive fellow.

He’s talking about a strong American tendency that he says showed pretty much all through the twentieth century.

the general scheme … of making America the first real full-scale world-wide empire.

Will it happen? He says we lack the physical / economic resources, but also the moral ones.

This will not be. America lacks the power and the resources (of nearly every kind, apart from military and increasingly dubious, indeed disgraceful financial operations) to truly rule the earth, which would needs have to imply a true morality, honoring diversity of cultures, mutual understanding, stewardship with natural resources and a heart for the poor. And more and more of the minor Eurasian powers are realizing that they must rely on one another, in order to reject domination by an imperial center that is not truly interested in the well-being of their peoples. And cannot be under the current scheme of economic organization, given the rapidly tightening supplies of resources (fossil fuels before all).

America has to wake up. And do it soon. And it has to learn to live as a nation again, not as a bloated and socially decomposing imperial center. To do so it will have to suffer a huge excrutiating hangover (indeed of many decades). But it is a far, far better, kinder and more sufferable way than to pursue its present course much further (and this means months, if not weeks, not years !!).

Thanks Larry for speaking so clearly. And thanks to all who listen him (and me). Don’t think I’m gloating (as a German); I really am not, I’m stunned, numbed for years now, by the immensity of perfidity and deception that is ruling world policies and ruining world affairs.

Be sure to notice this!

I cravingly hope that Americans will prove better than Germans did and reject their imperial and criminal system of tyranny BEFORE it will be forced on its knees by the rest of the world (nay, the finger of God, who has promised to side with the poor !!) at an incredible cost.

Please go on. Impeach this administration soon, but begin with Cheney (for he is the true wirepuller within this administration). Rejoice over every victory against the Neocons but never let yourselves be deceived to believe the Democratic party was any part of the solution; it is not; it is part of the problem. The solution must be your faith in the Lord, and nothing else.

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