Most Popular Posts – Mid-February 2017

Serious study - greeat quotes!

Short Quotes – Martin Luther King’s “Letter from Birmingham Jail”

Turn the Other Cheek – means Resist Them NonViolently

If You Do Not Love Your Neighbor Whom You CAN See – Can You Love God?

Jesus and Racism – Samaritan Lives Matter

A Few Chips Must Fly / Gaza & Israel

Declaration of Independence – Kid’s Version

Freedom From Those Who Rule Us – Freedom to Not Always Fear Them

No Principle but Commercialism, No Patriotism but of the Pocket – Mark Twain

Kingdom Manifesto – Sermon on the Mount Summarized

Why Many Christians Do Not Vote Republican

John Paul II: Private Prayer and the Dangers of Public Life

President Harry Truman’s Integrity Prayer

Hitler Defended Christian Morality and Family Values

Was Jesus Violent? The Temple Money-Changers Incident

Prophets MUST Improvise – In and For Our Cities


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