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Who Is Pro-Life? Not Corrupt Politicians.

Who is Pro-Life?

A very religious, very pro-life Republican friend of mine is working for Democratic candidates this year. She told me she is tired of supporting “cookie-cutter conservative Christian candidates” who never seem to get any real moral good done in office.


They get elected; they obey their party bosses; and we get more of the same. Which means that along with the cookie-cutter problem comes the corruption problem. Corruption, you know, is another word for immorality.

It is sad but true that if we want to study corruption of any kind – sexual, financial, political, and who knows what else – we only need to go study our current rulers. It’s getting more public and more embarrassing every day. How can a values voter support that?

There are, after all, alternatives.

Plenty of Democratic candidates have clear pro-life (anti-abortion) stands and commitments. And they have the integrity and independence to actually stand – once elected – for what they campaigned for.

What has the cookie-cutter corruption party given us?

Our current leaders have lied to us repeatedly on hugely important issues (Iraq is only the biggest).

The list of key officials under indictment or arrest gets longer and longer (Tom DeLay, Scooter Libby, Abramoff, Congressman Foley, for a very small sampling)

We have repeatedly seen their incompetence displayed (Afghanistan, Iraq, Osama Bin-Laden, New Orleans, Homeland Security, budget and debt)

And they work hard to remove from us the very freedoms we are allegedly fighting for (as in phone tapping, illegal arrest and detention, torture, loss of habeas corpus – all of which now can be directed against the citizens of this land (that’s us) at the President’s whim).

If we vote for things to continue as is, that is not pro-life voting.

That is pro-corruption voting, pro-power-lust voting, pro-irresponsibility voting, pro-immorality voting, even pro-torture and pro-death voting.

There are many groups (like Democrats for Life and Catholic Democrats of Nebraska) who have excellent plans for dramatically reducing abortion and increasing true “pro-life” culture in our country WHILE honoring these other moral concerns as well.

Supporting groups and ideas like that would be real pro-life voting. Isn’t it time to look for something better than the cookie-cutter, culture of corruption candidates?

www.democratsforlife.org www.catholicdemocratsofnebraska.

[Published as a letter to the editor Oct 2.]

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