Republicans: The Party of Big, Intrusive Government

From the Sunday Portland Oregonian:

˜Other than telling us how to

  • live,
  • think,
  • marry,
  • pray,
  • vote,
  • invest,
  • educate our children,
  • and now, die,

I think the Republicans have done a fine job of getting government out of our lives.”

Quoted from Barry Rubin on the Nebraska Democrats blog:

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  • Mr. Bauer, No, my question is this: Have not bush and bliar violated the 9th commandment with their pre-Iraq war statements about WMD? And has not this violation resulted in the deaths of tens of thousands and the mainming of multiples of tens of thousands?

  • Sorry, Mr. Harper, I didn’t quite get your question. Was it meant in response to my little satire? As for me, I don’t believe, the ten commandments should have any immediate bearing on our civil or criminal codes.
    If you want to give me a personal note, please address martin.bauer@online.de

  • I very much agree, – with the one exception of marriage, perhaps. For I think – just like Kerry put it – that gay couples live in civil union, not marriage. In Biblical terms, homosexuality is a sign of moral crisis, which must not be confounded with the causes of depravation (cf. Rom. 1,21-23/26f), yet must certainly be called a deviation in the direction of the unsound, that cannot partake of the spiritual grace which the Bible accords to matrimony (Mark 10,7-9) as token of our common union with Christ (Eph. 5,30-32).

    But on the whole, you’re all too right. And what you observe, works the other way round as well. Republicans, whenever they seek the backing of ideology, evidently can’t bear the Democratic purpose to assert itself as such. But instead of squarely standing by their aversion, they profess the values which are dear to them to be threatened by socio-economic fair play. I will never forget that queer situation in the Presidential debates of last year, when Kerry, upon delineating his plan to provide health care to the poor, was stabbed by the double-edged sword of being rebuked as obtrusive and liberal at once.

    Oh, I fear, we get it all quite wrong, Mr. President. Surely, you intend to reclaim the fast swelling portion of disfavored in America from that liberal, yea wanton nonchalance of being rid of constant fear that physical setbacks may bode economic disaster as well. At the same time, you beware as a conservative warden that none of the important, that is well-off, persons of your realm happens to indulge in that irresponsible liberty of being satisfied – or even proud – when part of the abstract figure called gross income, reliably serves the purpose of securing the health (and working power) of those menials, who toil and yet stay poor.

    You are a hero, Mr. President. For far from being a liberal, you combine the good of both sides. Just as you spread democracy by freeing the world from diversity of moral and cultural outlook, so too you certainly will back up freedom by popularizing the liberty of being free from health care, and, before long, of being free of any such thing as a health to care, as well. Then, the heyday of Christianity will rise anew, a society of sterling gradation: Here the flock of the poor, willing to depend upon their masters, who perchance may be their employers too! – or even their feeders …? There the gracious nobles, who every now and then let drop a crumb from their table in order to show mercy on the likes of Lazarus (Luk. 16,19ff). The old virtue of almsgiving will be practised again, and society will finally be blessed. For who will deny that almsgiving is one of the five pillars of salvation?

    Oh, wait a moment, should I have mixed that up with Islam? Well, anyhow; I don’t think, we should suspect the “liberals” to be as shrewd as to make folks believe, God sticks conservatively to revelation. Or that He would eventually demand faith in Christ! We rely on you, Mr. President, you’ll make the nigglers see reason. Even God cannot wish the rabble to judge whatever they deem to be His Word. We have to twist the Bible in order to rescue it from distortion by humaneness!