I’m Relieved Clinton Lost – Still, Trump Is Dangerous

I am no fan of Donald Trump. But I felt a strong sense of relief as more states turned red last Tuesday and it became obvious Hillary was going to lose. It surprised me – but not greatly.  But Trump is dangerous in several ways, to all of us.

Hillary – the Clinton Cartel – is Dangerous

So I’m glad they got pushed back hard.

 Hillary was

  • Deliberately stirring up tension with Russia
    • It was unnecessary, based on fabricated concerns, and could easily and quickly have led to a major world-wide disaster.
  • On board with the TPP
    • If you think it’s hard to find a job now that pays enough to keep your family alive and together, you would not have liked the results of TPP.
  • Exerting incredibly powerful and effective pressure on all established leadership within the Democratic Party.
    • It was frightening how much clout she could exercise against insider Democrats, one after another. That’s not healthy.
  • Exerting incredibly powerful and effective pressure on almost all established media outlets (“MSM” – Mainstream Media).
    • This was even more frightening, and very blatant – extensive media subservience to a top-level political figure. I think it was worse than in the Bush years. When it fit her game plan for Trump to get positive exposure (Trump, who of course, would be a very weak candidate if he won the Republican nomination) the media obliged. When he won the nomination and became at least a somewhat credible threat, all the media, including left icons like Mother Jones and The Nation put lots of focus on problems with Trump and practically none on either a) problems with Hillary or b) Hillary’s actual policy concerns and positions.
  • Intimately connected financially with extremely wealthy power players on the world scene (e.g. Saudi Arabia) and in American politics (e.g., apparently, George Soros).

To me, continued Clinton dominance in the Democratic Party and in the nation was a scary idea. I really did feel a strong sense of relief at her losing.

Unfortunately, Hillary losing meant Donald Trump came out the winner.


  • He has allowed himself – or caused himself – to be associated with the acting out of racist and hateful language and behavior all across the country. Incidences have increased since the election. That is very bad for all of us – dangerous in the short run, dangerous in the long run.
  • In his ideas and choices for the key advisors and executives of his administration he is – so far at least – tending strongly toward some pretty shallow-thinking, dangerous people. Maybe he will balance them against each other in some sort of master power game. But we don’t know that. It does not look good.
  • He is bringing his family into the top counsels of government. Looks like the style of an Emperor.
  • It seems we know less about how he might actually operate than any new President in memory – perhaps ever. That’s scary.
  • He does not have experience with the executive branch of the government, of which he will be the chief executive.
  • He claims to be a climate change denier, and to put all his hope in traditional energy sources and suppliers.
  • He doesn’t seem too concerned to carefully fulfill even his most clearly emphasized campaign promises.  (That’s a positive and a negative – depends on the issue.)


  • Already TPP is dead. That’s a big deal.
  • Already relations with Russia have calmed down. That’s a big deal.
  • He is backing off of his aggression against the LGBT community.
  • He is taking a more moderate stand on health insurance.
  • He is describing his probable action against illegal immigrants in terms that are the same as what Obama is actually doing anyway. Obama has not behaved well on this, but Trump is possibly no worse than Obama or Clinton.
  • He doesn’t seem too concerned to carefully fulfill even his most clearly emphasized campaign promises. (That’s a positive and a negative – depends on the issue.)

On balance:

I do believe the Clinton Foundation,

  • and Clinton domination
    • of the party,
    • the lobbying establishment,
    • key power centers in the Obama administration,
    • and the media;
  • and their deep financial entanglements with very powerful interests
    • overseas,
    • and in this country;

have been a much more certain and broad-scale danger to the USA and to the world. It is important that the Democrats not allow Clinton-type manipulations and values to maintain or regain control over the Democratic Party, or any part of our government or economy.

But I am very, very uncomfortable with Trump.

I would have been more uncomfortable with some of the other Republican candidates – but we got Trump.

He has presented himself as a threat to people and issues that are important to me.

He is a mystery card. We don’t know what he might do. We don’t even know if he actually feels any great sense of responsibility to the nation and to the world. We’d better hope he does.

So, it’s all confusing. And we have our work cut out for us. I’m glad you’re involved!

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