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Christians In Restaurants Often Leave a Bad Taste!

June 13, 2004

After her stint as a waitress Barbara Ehrenreich wrote, “The worst, for some reason, are the Visible Christians – like the ten-person table, all jolly and sanctified after Sunday night service, who run me mercilessly and then leave me $1 on a $92 bill.” “As a general rule, people wearing crosses or WWJD?? . . . buttons look as us disapprovingly no matter what we do.” (in her book, Nickle and Dimed)

I quoted that to the congregation during a recent guest sermon I preached. People were nodding their heads. I asked, “Christians often leave a bad taste in people’s mouths. Sometimes that’s for a good reason, but often it is NOT for a good reason. Why does it happen?” There were some interesting responses.

Why is it so? Any of you denizens of cyberspace out there have observations on this? Does it have to be this way? Are we proud of it? How can we reduce it?

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  • Try living in a town where the TEN Commandments are posted in every place you eat, or shop. I hate the fact my name is christian. I tell people my name and the next thing that comes out of there mouths is iam a christian are you a christian he he he he, I freakin hate it.

    Iam changing my name though the court system soon.