Chelsea Update #3 – Mon July 31

Chelsea gets to go home today!

The surgeon is pleased with her situation. And she’s looking and feeling a lot better, though apparently still with noticeable pain. Things that are supposed to be up are up, things that are supposed to be stable are stable, etc. She is a bit crabby, and seems to have decided that Connie and I are largely responsible for her being stuck in bed in strange surroundings.

But she did walk a few steps yesterday, which she enjoyed very much. Won’t be much of that for a while, but it’s going the right direction. And she got a shower yesterday, in a shower chair, which she also enjoyed (took two nurses and Mommy to get that project done!).

So it’s all looking good. I’m sure she’ll be glad to be back in her own room, with friends around her, and get to see her relatives in Grand Island again. They, after all, are not only friendly, but they don’t stick her with needles and generally harass her at every turn.

[See original post with pictures and first 2 updates.]

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  • Oh happy, happy day for Chelsea….She gets to go home and be among family…what a blessed day that will be everyone. I will continue to pray for Chelsea; may her fun filled days be plenty….”smiles”

  • So happy to hear this news – know that Chelsea & your family are in the prayers of folks over at StreetProphets. Very best wishes to all of you, and welcome home, Chelsea!