You Can’t Be Both Conservative and Republican

Here’s an awesome quote I got last night from a retired farmer who lives in Hitchcock County (far southwest Nebraska).

I can be conservative, but it is impossible to be a conservative Republican.

The Republican party of the last 12 years or so (at least) has made that a reality. These days you cannot be both conservative and Republican.

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  • It’s true that a lot of Democrats don’t really listen to conservative ideas, but they are at the same time very moral folks. You have to look at the core platforms of both parties, and at what they really mean (the spin they give it) and make a choice. Sometimes the stated positions do not translate into livable outcomes. Like the so-called compassionate conservatism of Bush.

    The working class is worse off now than ever, and the middle class is shrinking. The wealthy few control 40% of the country’s wealth. Schools are underfunded and local districts can’t raise the money. Minimum wage, even if raised, is a guarantee that those working for it will never get out of poverty, will die younger due to lack of health care, etc.

    I guess you can tell, I am not a Republican. I am a born again, Bible-basics believing, Democrat. Yes, Viginia, there are Christian Democrats. I call myself a liberal fundamentalist. Can’t think of a better way to say it.


  • I’m frustrated too. The Republican party caters to big
    business and the Democratic Party caters to liberals. I can’t find
    anyone that will serve conservative wholesome family values such
    as regulating pornography and supporting highly effective
    positive themed volunteer and religious groups.

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