Republican Christianity is NOT Attracting People to Christ

Are Christians and churches now attracting more people to Christ? These are clippings from a variety of blogs and a few emails I’ve received. A good part of them are from Christians, but some are not. We aren’t looking too good.

  • I and several of my friends have recently been wondering aloud why Christians let themselves be represented by such resolutely un-Christian leaders.
  • [quoted by a blogger from Sidney Blumenthal] “The evangelical churches became instruments of political organization. Ideology was enforced as theology, turning nonconformity into sin, and the faithful, following voter guides with biblical literalism, were shepherded to the polls as though to the rapture. White Protestants, especially in the South, especially married men, gave their souls and votes for flag and cross. ” etc….

  • For the Bible thumping Jesus lovers one question this individual from Canada wishes to ask is “How can the deaths of 100,000 Iraqi civilians not bother you at all? Isn’t Bush a war criminal? Doesn’t this make him worse than Osama Bin Laden?
  • I’ve had it with the so called “Christian Right”. Everything they say is so blatantly slanted that it is a perversion of true Christian beliefs. It’s time to call them what they are – Heretics. The Church defines heresy: “a species of infidelity in men who, having professed the faith of Christ, corrupt its dogmas”. I believe this exactly fits this group. They believe they are “under grace” which allows them to do or say about anything they wish and they will be forgiven. That is not true. Starting here and now…I DO NOT forgive them for what they say and do.
  • What I am referring to are the connections that the religious right has built to the supremely immoral side of the Republican Party who give away riches to the rich, forget about the poor and the needy, and sleep content while bombing into extermination the villages of other countries in the name of civilization and Christianity.
  • And yes, it is disturbing to those of us who are thinking individuals when we see folks believe that it is more ‘wrong’ to consent to engage in adult oral sex in the white house than it is to kill thousands of innocent Iraqi civilians
  • I’m thinking maybe the Bush cartel is just trying to be like Jesus. Except instead of multiplying fishes and loaves to feed the hungry, they’re multiplying votes to feed the power-hungry. This is what Theocracy looks like.
  • My wife and I just changed churches to get away from the people who act as if God and the GOP are interchangeable.
  • I have been very troubled with how so many of my fellow brothers & sisters in Christ just go along with the republican party and its garbage. I believe Bush has had his opportunity to live his faith and failed our country majorly. I cannot, in good conscious, vote him into another term. I deeply sorrow over what we have become as a country. We are disliked around the world and God have mercy on us for the what we have sown. I do not want to reap it. I don’t want my children and grandchildren to reap it
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  • The mainstream media did not report it because they appear to do whatever the Bush admin wants, they are so biased. However, the Pope said, before he died, that Bush had all the hallmarks of the Antichrist, that’s one time I sure agreed with him. If there is an Antichrist, he sure fits it! Bush is the opposite of the “Jesus Figure.” In no way could he be a Christian.

  • It is incomprehensibe to me that the public is so easily fooled by the patently false claims to be born again by the President.

    My dog has more of the spirit of Christ in her than that man does. She is gentle to a fault. She would not harm a soul. This man can see thousands killed by his orders and merely smirk.

    Here’s a man for whom being responsible for those less fortunate has no meaning. It however was the hall mark of the teaching of that peasant Sage Jesus of Nazareth.

    No this man is not a Christian. If he is anything in relationship to Jesus he is an anti-Christ. That is to say someone who has values antithetical to the values of Jesus.