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Blissfully Ignorant Email

September 22, 2004

Here’s an email I received today, and my response.

You have got to be kidding me? Can you honestly believe this? John Kerry is the most liberal anti-God candidate that this country has ever seen. Your web. site really saddens me. I guess you have a right to your opinion. But really, I don’t get it.

Just thought I would give you some input.

At least he was willing to allow me a right to my opinion. That’s more courtesy than I get from some people. But the shallow and false analysis is typical. Here is my response:

T-, thanks for responding. No, I am not kidding.

That you are unaware of Kerry’s real character and positions,
and that you are not paying attention to what Bush et. al. are really doing
means you are betraying your responsibility as a Christian and as an American.

It WILL come back to haunt you and all of us. And there won’t be any room for, “Oh, I didn’t know.”

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