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Healthcare, A Culture That Encourages Abortion, and Pro-Lifers Who Don’t Step Up to the Plate

Here’s my wife Connie’s response to a relative who thinks Obama loves to see babies die, and argues that almost all abortions are done for the convenience of the mother. We could rant about this for a long time, but I think Connie did a good job in this post on her Facebook page.

Caring for One Another

Hi R__, I’m not denying past trends, and I am completely Pro-Life:

Remember, my doctor begged me to have an abortion in the 5th month because he knew the baby (Chelsea) was killing me – I weighed 95 lbs at the time. When I refused, he had to send me to Denver because I had no insurance… and subsequently, she had no insurance for the next 13 years because of her pre-existing condition…

…until I got a job at the U.S. Postal Service – Federal Insurance covers you no matter what and we currently pay $314 per month for family insurance!

There have been so so so many instances since then when I so wish I could share my Federal insurance with the people immediately around me who are suffering so much.

I heard it said last night, that if we can spend so many billions of dollars killing Iraqis why can’t we spend a fraction of that saving and healing Americans… including veterans.

During the 13 years that I took care of my extremely “inconvenient” baby, virtually NONE of the loud Pro-Life Christians I knew offered any kind of help with her, except pity… and when her dad left when she was 13, possibly because of my mental breakdown, I was left completely without help… except one charitable neighbor that was not a loud Pro-Life protester…

What I also see is that our extremely selfish and self-righteous culture could turn around under the direction of someone who can speak intelligently, promotes respect of women and does not put Capital before Labor.

All the protesting about Abortion does not stop Abortion. There is obviously something much deeper that is at the root of it all.

Our Democratic Politician friends (remember, Larry ran for the Nebraska Legislature and made many good friends during that run) are ALL strongly Pro-Life… but they are studying the root cultural cause.

For example, our extremely sensual culture of TV and movies. Why is our culture like that? Because it makes money!


Babies conceived in that culture are inconvenient. Our politician friends are working hard to overturn that culture, which in turn will overturn the Abortion culture.


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