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Why All The Fuss? ‘Cause People Are Getting Really Tired of It.

A lot of us have been surprised that the recent sex scandal in Congress has been getting so much attention. I don’t think it’s the pedophilia and cover-up that’s the really energizing factor.

What I keep hearing is that people have finally just had enough. I hear things like “This has gone way too far.” “These people think they can do anything and they will never be held accountable.” “Top level Republicans seem to share almost none of my values – and I’ve been a conservative all my life.”

It’s a domino effect – like a giant tower of dominoes has been built out of specific irresponsible acts of our leaders over several years.

    Things like

  • destroying the budget surplus we had in 2000,
  • false Iraq WMD claims,
  • disastrous prescription drug legislation,
  • war begun and waged on false pretenses and with poor planning and oversight,
  • running to astronomical heights the debt we owe to other nations,
  • still no Osama,
  • pushing a “No Child Left Behindâ€? program that leaves huge numbers of American children behind,
  • New Orleans,
  • and now letting N. Korea develop nuclear weapons while obsessing about Iran’s program which is years behind N. Korea’s
  • – this list could go on and on.

With care you can build an impressive tower of dominoes, as this Congress and this Administration have done. But when it does start to collapse – when that one domino too many is put into place – the safest thing might be to just stand back and watch it go. It will not be pretty, but it is probably inevitable.

That may be the current situation of the Republican Party. It may happen also to much of the so-called “religious right” which has been an obedient servant of Republican politics for some years now.

This Republican sex-and-coverup scandal surrounding Congressional leaders Foley and Hastert is having a very significant impact on Republican hopes in this election.

The double standard behavior and the arrogance and careful avoidance of responsibility brought again into public light by this scandal are, finally, just way too much for most of us. Americans are fed up – and that’s what all the fuss is about. And it looks like we intend to let that be known come election day.

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