What Might Bring Them Down?

My earlier post about Nixon’s collapse after winning re-election asked whether the Bush administration will suffer the same fate. (Posted as a diary on dailykos that question brought some interesting and intelligent responses.)

Actually, I’m a little more hopeful today than a few days ago. Back in ’73, when I felt “the establishment” was turning against Nixon, that’s when I felt he was for sure on his way out. (How sad to hope an American president will be forced out. But it was appropriate then, as it is today.)

What might be the issue to turn establishment thinking? With Nixon it was not Watergate, but the war – coupled with his general arrogance and bullying. The people wanted an end to the war and to the arrogance and bullying. Watergate served to crystalize the growing resentment. It was a minor burglary, but a symptom of a raging disease.

Again, I think it will be this bloody, dishonest war and the hubris that wages it – coupled with Bush’s general arrogance and bullying. People may tire of it more quickly than before, because this administration has so little in the way of redeeming qualities. Nixon at least had a few.

What will be Watergate for Bush? It could be the Valerie Plame outing. It could be Halliburton. It could be a second stolen presidential election. It could be any of a number of things. Please notice that all of these are far more serious evils than Watergate was. If we do not squeeze these people out of office we will deserve all that we get. And we will get it.

But what about all the Christians who support him? Well, sometimes even Christians have been known to learn from experience. Jesus said we should judge them by their fruits. Abortions up. Illegitmate invasions up. Murder of civilians up. Exploitation of GI’s and veterans up. Detentions without counsel up. Public hatred of blacks, gays, women, etc., up. Snooping into private afffairs up. National debt up. Private raids on the public treasury up. Public (as in “by high government officials”) lying and fraud up. Not looking good, fruitwise.

The Lord says, “I am planning disaster against this people, from which you cannot save yourselves. You will no longer walk proudly … In that day men will ridicule you, they will taunt you …” Micah 2:3,4

Will they fall soon? How might that happen?

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