You may see Bill Clinton as “the enemy” or as your enemy. I think you would be wrong, but if you haven’t actually listened you don’t actually know. Please ‘listen’ to these brief sentences. [From a recent interview given by Bill Clinton, translated by Jerome a Paris.]

Question: You also talk about terrorism, even if you hide this word behind those of “religion” and “conflict”

It’s on purpose. To fight fundamentalism, you need to hit the credibility of those that say “I act in the name of God”. There are two ways.
One is to demonstrate that politics has nothing to do with God, that politics is human, imperfect, to be improved. It’s hard in a number of societies.
The other strategy, more effective, is to destroy the legitimacy of the ideology which uses religion to create and feed conflicts. Religion should be a way to solve conflicts.
…. And it is necessary for our security. We cannot isolate ourselves from the world behind walls. We cannot kill all our enemies. We need a strategy that creates more partners and fewer terrorists. The destiny of Americans is tightly linked to that of others.

He is absolutely right. When you set out to kill all your enemies, you make more enemies, and you get quickly back to the old line from Roman history: “They make a desolation, and they call it peace.” Jesus’ promise, “Blessed are the peacemakers,” is not referring to that kind of peacemaking.