(Here’s a comment recently added to A Lament for the American Church. It speaks for itself.)

Thank you for finally putting into words what I have been feeling all along!

I have often wondered if it was just me that saw all the war mongering and hypocrisy in the Bush administration as an evil thing. I wondered if it was a lack in my faith or I was corrupted because I didn’t follow this administration blindly like so many Christians around me. I have not been very active in church too, so it was easy to see why I thought the problem was my all my fault.

But looking back at the reason I became inactive at the church I was at – it was because of hypocrisy I saw with some of the prominent members. This was before the Bush administration came into power, and some of those same members I was concerned about later ended up being arrested for fraud. So, my concerns then were not unfounded about a spirit of deception being present in that church.

The problem is now that same spirit of deception has enveloped so many churches and believers that it’s hard to see straight at all anymore.

It also concerns me greatly that people think that 100,000+ Iraqi civilians killed somehow don’t matter to God, that He doesn’t hear their cries because they are Muslims. He most certainly does hear them and is horrified by what is being done in His name. May He forgive this nation for all the truly awful things we do to people worldwide.

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