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Violence and Chaos, New Orleans after Katrina – Gee, I’m Shocked

The Washington Post tells me this morning, “Armored military vehicles and national guard troops started moving into New Orleans Thursday morning amid continuing reports of violence and chaos in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina.”

Of COURSE there’s violence and chaos. These people were left to die, and now are even more clearly being left to die. They don’t need armored vehicles bringing bullets to shoot at them. They need trucks, boats and planes bringing water, food, and rescue.

And they know very well that this government – their government – will spend BILLIONS and will mobilize with extreme rapidity on behalf of whatever it really wants to do. It just doesn’t look like dying poor people in America’s cities happen to be on their government’s list of things to care about. We know the money is there. We know the busses, planes, trucks and personnel are there. But they are not available when it’s a matter of life and death. They are not being moved until it is way too late, and way too little. Where are the morals? Where are the values?

God may move slowly, but God is nobody’s fool. Be careful, America. Speak up, America.

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  • it is good to see familiar names again on this board.
    Thank You Martin for the prayer.

    Thanks HBK and Anonymous for the thoughts.

    I will be back.

    Just not alot to say the past week, which is rare for me.
    See you all later.


  • It’s great to have you back too, HBK.
    Since our first little exchange of notes (here), I have read of your sad and thought-provoking experiences throughout American Christianity (Sermon: For What will US Christians be Judged) and how Mike and Connie have given you their sympathy.

    Even in Germany, as a Baptist (who are rare enough in our parts, that to be member of them means some declaration of faith in itself.) I increasingly, and very much despite myself begin to feel positive distrust in any bible-believing assembly who do not declare themselves critical of both Bush and Dominionist morality. That’s not good, for this reaction of mine is a prejudice as well. But this being so, it’s invaluable to have you around here at one mouseclick’s distance.

    Mike, HBK and others, we need you happy, heartened and outspoken.

  • Michael, here’s to prayerful remembrance of you at this time. It devastates us when a creature close to us perishes – well understood here. And your thoughts are always appreciated. My husband is a Nam Vet too, and we extend our respct.