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Violence and Chaos, New Orleans after Katrina – Gee, I’m Shocked

The Washington Post tells me this morning, “Armored military vehicles and national guard troops started moving into New Orleans Thursday morning amid continuing reports of violence and chaos in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina.”

Of COURSE there’s violence and chaos. These people were left to die, and now are even more clearly being left to die. They don’t need armored vehicles bringing bullets to shoot at them. They need trucks, boats and planes bringing water, food, and rescue.

And they know very well that this government – their government – will spend BILLIONS and will mobilize with extreme rapidity on behalf of whatever it really wants to do. It just doesn’t look like dying poor people in America’s cities happen to be on their government’s list of things to care about. We know the money is there. We know the busses, planes, trucks and personnel are there. But they are not available when it’s a matter of life and death. They are not being moved until it is way too late, and way too little. Where are the morals? Where are the values?

God may move slowly, but God is nobody’s fool. Be careful, America. Speak up, America.

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  • Martin, and others( I know one person who posts here, by his real name, et al….he told me of this website, asked why am I not going to post here anymore?).
    well, guess i will return from time -to-time.
    I figured I was just posting and taking up space.

    Thanks You for the kind words, either on this board, or in person, to me, the past few days.

    I needed kind words. We had lost a beloved pet ,on the day after my last post here. I have not been in the best of moods,so-to-speak.
    anyhow, take care, I will try to return.

    Thanks again, Keep Safe.
    Peace Be With You All.

  • I, too,have enjoyed MJ’s approach.
    I have been
    trolling” on here, watching and reading more than anything.
    We need MJ for president! Maybe someone like he appeared to be: up[ front, direct, and honest.
    I am sure if there were someone like him, the “devils” in D.C. would try to bring him down,even if it meant creating a false image of his past.

  • Hi, Mike Jackson, let’s say good bye to you,

    I’m sorry you want to leave us.
    Hope you won’t miss us any too much or feel free to come back whenever you like.
    I liked your direct way to look at things and talk of them just as they are.

    Keep close to the Lord!
    Wish you well, Martin

  • Take Care/Not Offense; I will not post here again.

    I will be better to keep to myself, and leave others to argue.

    Peace Be With You ; One And All.

    The Final Post:

  • good example: I am a DAV. Have been over a decade.
    When i got out, if you had 30% diability rating from VA, ALl Meds Were free.
    in 1998, our president of the time, Mr Clinton, well, due to some decisions he and others made,
    changed this(by 2000, anyways).
    we could no longer go to any military base for Free: we had to PAY. Our family(immediate) members? No more freebies, either, and could not be seen at VA for any emergencies, as like before hand.

    And, our current leader, GWB, well…..things have not gotten better.

    So there you have it: I trust none of them(and why do people trust Movie Stars who make political statements? I trust God, not some multi-millionaire from sin city).
    Peace. Out.