Every day I receive an email update of current concerns from Focus on the Family. Today’s edition shows real concern on the far right about losing control of the federal government.

“Family Issues Hinge on the Mid-Term Election

Values Voters need to register to vote and be heard.”

Boy do I agree with that!

  • People who value checks and balances in government need to register and vote.
  • People who value candidates who will think for themselves and act on their convictions above candidates who promise only to obey their President and Party need to register and vote.
  • People who value fiscal responsibility and honesty in elected officials – both in their public and in their private roles – need to register and vote.
  • People who want the prostitutes (I mean the old fashined sex-for-money kind, gay and straight) to have less influence with top politicians and less prominence in the White House, in Congress, and in Washington in general need to register and vote.
  • People who value peacemaking (Jesus did, remember?) need to register and vote.
  • People who value going to war only when it is really necessary and honestly argued need to register and vote.
  • Those who think our troops deserve to have their life-or-death needs supplied, and have a right to expect that the strategies they are serving at the risk of their lives be well thought out and implemented – people with such ordinary American and human values really need to get registered and vote.
  • Those who do not value corporation heads getting 100, 200, or 300 times the average wage of their employees need to register and vote.
  • Those who value religious organizations’ integrity and independence from power-lust and political corruption need to register and vote.
  • Those who value serious health-care reform and honest prescription-drug availability need to register and vote.
  • Those who value not letting the $3 per gallon oil billionaires continue to rule from the White House and Congress need to register and vote.
  • Those who value actually reducing teen pregnancies and abortions instead of just running (and usually winning) elections on the issue need to register and vote.

This list could go on for pages! But I VERY MUCH agree. Values voters need to be registered and need to get out and vote!

Now another point: Dobson is apparently still identifying himself with the likes of Karl Rove. This is really sad.

White House Deputy Chief of Staff Karl Rove, meanwhile, has been telling Republicans what life would be like under a Democratic Congress: Sen. Patrick Leahy, D-Vt., would again become the chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee and Rep. John Conyers, D-Mich., would take over the House Judiciary Committee — both have been antagonists of the president and his judicial nominees.

Dobson is afraid of the Judiciary Committees actually fulfilling their responsibilities! (He should be, given his odd allegiances.)

He is afraid of Conyers and Leahy – honest men who are willing to tell it like it is, to whom we should listen carefully!

Dobson, and so many on the so-called “religious right” still honor and follow the likes of Rove and DeLay. Oh how utterly humiliating it will be when they see the reality of what they are following and serving. But they really cannot see!

Don’t follow them. If the blind lead the blind, both will fall in the ditch. Or, as Isaiah said so eloquently, “He feeds on ashes. He cannot say, ‘Is there not a lie in my right hand?'”

“The question now circulating among conservatives in Washington, D.C., is: Will liberals take over the House of Representatives or the Senate — or both — and what would happen?”

Ooooh scary, huh?

  • Maybe we would see some truth-in-government?
  • Maybe some elected officials not being the target of indictment for criminal behavior?
  • Maybe Senators and Congressmen actually serving the interest of “we the people”.
  • Wars fought honestly and intelligently.
  • Great reduction in the looting of the economy and the federal treasury.
  • Lying arrogant drug-addicted talk-show hosts not escaping accountability just because they are both wealthy and radical-right-wing.
  • Courtesy up, anger and hate-talk down.
  • Truth up, manipulation and fraud down.

You know, scary as that all is, I might be willing to try it out for a while – just to see what it would be like.