UpDate #2 on Chelsea’s Great Adventure – Friday July 28

This (Friday) is the 8th day out from surgery. Chelsea is pretty happy, and looks good. The surgeon is quite pleased with how the incisions look. Everything has been a bit slowed down and complicated by Chelsea’s birth-handicap, meaning she cannot tell us where it hurts, she can’t eat sometimes, she cannot respond to instructions.

Her veins are small and fragile so she “used up” the potential IV spots on her arms in two or three days. So they went to one on her foot which they did not expect to last; but it is still working. They had – belive it or not – specifically asked the Chaplain to pray about that IV, and to ask some others to pray. And the nurse who visits us each morning actually said the praying is obviously doing some good. Of course, so also is the expert and caring attention Chelsea has been getting all along.

This morning Dr. Longley said he is aiming for Monday morning to send her home. So this initial very rough phase of Chelsea’s most excellent(?) adventure is apparently soon to move into the much more normal next stage.

We certainly appreciate all the good thoughts and prayers that many have invested in this “adventure.”

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  • We miss Chelsea! Hope she is doing well and gets to come home soon. Hugs, kisses, and prayers from all of us – M, E, S, and L