Ed Howard is at it again, pointing out the obvious and the unpleasant (Nebr StatePaper.com email). I added the numbers and underlines:

  1. “We should do what can be done for our fellow Americans down there in Louisiana and Mississippi.
  2. We should also take note that, in a fell swoop and without anything resembling specific guidance for its use, Congress added $50 billion to the national debt when it approved the latest aid package.
  3. Let’s hope the Chinese and the Dutch and others remain in the mood to lend us more and more money.
  4. On the bright (?) side, Bangladesh has offered America $1 million in foreign aid. “

It seems to me that all four of his points are worth noticing. Living in society (i.e. living on this planet) with kazillions of other human beings is seldom simple and straightforward. The options, at least for Bible-believing Christians, probably do not include either a) opting out, checking out, ignoring what’s happening to others and to us, or b) hoping “they” all get somehow destroyed while we escape.

We’re still under that incredibly pervading obligation to love. And, as Dallas Willard once wrote, “The first act of love is always the giving of attention.”