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The Profound Silence

I get a daily email newsletter / update from Dobson’s “Focus on the Family” (“Citizen Link“). As of today, the silence about Pat Robertson’s terrorism-promoting remarks (on Hugo Chavez, President of Venezuela, see recent posts) is eloquent.

I guess “moral values” and “family values” do not overlap into issues of economy, political democracy, oil, and international relations.

And apparently they do not apply to prominent spokespersons for the radical right (or “fundamentalist clerics” who have great influence in the government) in this country.

I think they should.

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  • Mr. Harper,

    I tried to locate that very wise quote but wasn’t able to. It goes along with what I was trying to say earlier. I don’t think we are supposed to try to remake ourselves by getting rid of parts of us that we judge to be evil. That is counterproductive and assumes we can heal ourselves better than God can. We get better results if we focus on “whatsoever things are true” etc. and trust that the redemptive process will do its work. We can’t perfect ourselves no matter how much our ego would like that. But we can end up with much improved values and behavior, and that strikes me as being way better than we could do by sheer teeth-gritting force of will.

  • I don’t know the source, perhaps someone who reads this can help attribute it, and I don’t recall the exact wording, but here goes: I must be cautious that in casting out my devils I do not cast out my angels with them. This appears to warn that I must be very cautious in dealing with my own good and evil. Thinking I have one or the other under control has a profound effect on the other one, of which, we are most likely unaware(not conscious of).

  • Mr. Harper,
    I agree that we must “deal with” both good and evil, but not in equal measure. IMHO, we should focus our energies on practicing the presence of God and nurturing the growth of the Kingdom within. Yes, we will inevitably end up having to deal with various elephants. I think I’ll quit before I mix up any more metaphors.

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