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“The Most Friendly To Religion”

America has given to the world a precious jewel.

It has shown that a government whose concerns are purely secular and which leaves to the individual conscience of its citizenry all obligations that relate to God is the one which is actually the most friendly to religion.

It is a precious jewel that we have. We should guard it well.

– Leo Pfeffer, 1910-1993, jurist

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  • # 13. Richard Says:
    August 5th, 2006 at 1:04 pm

    As an ex-churchmusician, I’ve always thought that there might be a relationship to the music done in a church and its political leanings. I know that my statements are highly anecdotal, but I’ve noticed that churches where one can sometimes hear Bach or Mozart or â€?classicalâ€? music in general and traditional time-tested hymns, tend to be more “progressiveâ€? in the area of Scripture and social justice issues, than those who employ pop style music in worship.

    Nothing lost! (Btw, I really liked this input)

  • Nope! I uploaded the new version of WordPress but somehow didn’t get all the files. Then when I tried to edit a couple of extraneous slash-marks from you comment the whole thing disappeared – poof!

    Did my summary represent you tolerably well?