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Support the Troops? “Ma’am, We ARE the Troops.” Put your money where your mouth is.

You support the troops by asking the appropriate questions AND demanding answers.
“Ma’am, we are the troops” was a response made to a woman during the Vietnam War who urged protesting Vietnam Vets to “support the troops.”

Here’s a link to a current tv ad by veterans who are asking the Republicans to quit hollering so much, “Support the troops!” and instead put their money and their votes where their mouths are. This is a very strong ad. Please watch it.

Here is the text of a newspaper ad they are running:

We pledged our lives to protect America’s freedom.

When we were called to serve in Iraq, we did not ask questions. We kissed our families good-bye and went to do our duty.

But when it comes to war,
we all depend on our elected leaders
to do their duty,
and to ask our government tough questions.

– What is our military mission in Iraq?
– Where are those weapons of mass destruction?
– Why were our American troops sent to Iraq without the proper equipment?
– When will victory come?

We have been there in Iraq. We have a lot of tough questions about this war.

And the first one is –
Why didnt Joe Lieberman ask any of them?

Unfortunately there are LOTS of names of Senators and Members of Congress that can be substituted for “Joe Lieberman” – people whose job it is, but who have been avoiding the life-and-death questions being forced on our service-people.

You support the troops by asking the appropriate questions AND demanding answers.

Here is a page listing the real veterans and heroes who are behind these ads [Vote Vets Action Fund (]

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    I’m not the best speller but I see the word “devine” is spelled incorrectly on your website. In the past I’ve used a service like or to help keep mistakes off of my websites.


  • Wow. That is a powerful ad.

    Today I watched a trailer for an upcoming documentary called “The Ground Truth.” It profiles U.S. veterans of the Iraq war and their families. One of the best ways we can support our troops is to actually LISTEN to them. View the trailer.

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